23 Healthy Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes

Who here consumes breakfast every early morning? I do! It’s truly not a choice for me. I’ll become a shaking, starving, mumbling mess a couple of hours into the day if I avoid it. Given that my breakfast is necessary (and I do not like cereal, I understand I understand), I have actually discovered many staple grab-and-go breakfasts for many years.

I have actually discovered that breakfast “sugary foods” are not all produced similarly. Easy carbs like versatile flour pancakes and pastries provide me the shakes. Entire grains like oats keep me opting for hours, specifically when integrated with nuts (or nut butter), yogurt and/or eggs.

You’ll discover a range of healthy choices listed below, and you can see all of my breakfast dishes here. What are your preferred make-ahead breakfast dishes? Please let me understand in the remarks!

Food Storage & Reheating Tips

  • Muffins, fast breads, pancakes, waffles and granola all freeze well. Simply let them cool and move them to freezer bags, ejecting as much air as fairly possible prior to sealing them up.
  • How to reheat muffins and pancakes: I warm them up in the microwave (do not exaggerate it, or they’ll get hard). If you have the insight to let them thaw at space temperature level or in the fridge, you can warm them in a low temperature level oven.
  • How to reheat fast breads, like banana bread: Slice them prior to freezing. To thaw one at a time, carefully warm in your toaster up until warmed through. They can be challenging to leave the toaster, so I like these toast tongs (affiliate link) for that. Or, you can microwave or warm your pieces in the oven.
  • How to reheat waffles: Waffles are best reheated in the toaster (once again, do not exaggerate it or you’ll burn your waffles).
  • Homemade granola: Granola remains fresh in the freezer a lot longer than it will in your kitchen. It does not need any defrosting, however you may let it rest for a couple of minutes prior to consuming since in some cases dried fruit freezes rock-hard.

Simple apple oatmeal recipe made with steel-cut oats! The oats and apples cook together in the same pot. It's a healthy and delicious fall breakfast. cookieandkate.com

1) Apple Steel-Cut Oatmeal

Gluten totally free and quickly vegan

These steel-cut oats are so basic therefore tasty. They taste like apple pie for breakfast.

Wholesome baked oatmeal recipe—make one batch and enjoy baked oatmeal for the rest of the week! cookieandkate.com

2) Blueberry Baked Oatmeal

Gluten totally free

This baked oatmeal is hearty and specific portions reheat magnificently. Make one and you’ll have breakfast prepared for the entire week!

Healthy banana bread—it's so fluffy, moist and delicious that no one will be able to tell! cookieandkate.com

3) Healthy Banana Bread

See notes for dietary alternatives

This incredibly popular banana bread dish is made with 100% entire grains and naturally sweetened. Spread almond butter on a piece and it’ll keep you complete for a while!

breakfast burritos recipe

4) Breakfast Burritos


These tempting breakfast burritos freeze and thaw magnificently for hectic early mornings.

This simple orange chia seed pudding recipe is so healthy and tastes amazing. Enjoy it for breakfast or as a snack. Gluten free.

5) My Favorite Chia Seed Pudding

Gluten totally free and vegan

This chia seed pudding is seasoned with fresh orange enthusiasm and it tastes like a reward!

gluten-free oat waffles recipe

6) Easy Gluten Free Oat Waffles

Gluten totally free and freezer friendly

The waffles are my favorite of all waffle dishes and they’re gluten totally free! Oat flour is the only flour you’ll require for these, and it’s simple to make in the food mill if you have oats on hand. These waffles freeze terrific, as do all of my other waffles. Simply pop them in the toaster and watch on them so they do not burn.

Healthy pumpkin muffins - cookieandkate.com

7) Maple-Sweetened Pumpkin Muffins with Oats

Freezer friendly

These fluffy, entire grain muffins have actually been a hit given that the first day! I like to serve mine with a swipe of almond butter on top. They freeze terrific for later on.

Ultra creamy, toasted steel-cut oats. Learn how to cook a batch that lasts all week! cookieandkate.com

8) Perfect Steel-Cut Oats

Gluten totally free and vegan

These are the creamiest steel-cut oats you’ll ever have. Make a huge batch and you can alter the garnishes every early morning to fit your yearnings.

Epic breakfast quinoa featuring toasted pecans, coconut oil, cinnamon and dried cherries or cranberries - cookieandkate.com

9) Cinnamon Toast Breakfast Quinoa

Gluten totally free and vegan

Quinoa for breakfast? This truly tastes like cinnamon toast, so you can’t fail.

Healthy, honey-sweetened, salted almond chocolate chip granola bars. Keep these bars on hand for traveling or whenever hunger strikes! #healthysnack

10) Honey-Sweetened Almond Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

Gluten totally free, quickly vegan and freezer friendly

These no-bake granola bars are the best grab-and-go treat or breakfast. Shop them separately covered in the freezer so they’re constantly prepared to go.

banana coconut muffins recipe

11) Banana Coconut Muffins

Freezer friendly

I enjoy these hearty, honey-sweetened, entire grain muffins. You can include any mix-ins you ‘d like, such as toasted nuts or dried cranberries.

Design your own overnight oats! Learn how to make your ideal overnight oats (and make enough to last through the week) at cookieandkate.com

12) Overnight Oats

Gluten totally free and vegan

Over night oats are the best grab-and-go breakfast, specifically when it’s warm outside!

traditional stovetop frittata recipe

13) Frittatas (Stovetop or Baked)

Gluten totally free

These frittatas are simply as appropriate for weekend breakfast as they are for fast weekday breakfasts. They reheat rapidly.

best granola recipe

14) The Best Granola

Gluten totally free and vegan

I do not delicately toss around terms like “finest.” This granola truly is the very best!

Bircher muesli (also known as Swiss oatmeal) with homemade applesauce #healthybreakfast

15) Homemade Bircher Muesli

Gluten totally free and vegan

Bircher muesli is a Swiss take on over night oats. Make this in the fall!

This whole wheat pancake mix is a cute, thoughtful and affordable holiday gift! Your friends and family will love it.

16) Pancake Mix

Entire wheat

This pancake mix makes it simpler to work up pancakes from scratch on hectic early mornings. The dry mix is prepared, so you blend together the liquid part and stir it in.

Orange almond granola in cereal bowl with milk

17) Orange & Almond Granola

Gluten totally free and quickly vegan

I’m entirely smitten with this granola. The natural orange taste truly shines and plays so perfectly with the almonds.

This healthy homemade muesli is absolutely delicious! It's made with oats, pecans, coconut, dried cherries, and a touch of maple syrup and vanilla.

18) Cherry Pecan Muesli

Gluten totally free and vegan

Muesli resembles lightened-up granola (less sweetener and oil). Think about it like healthy homemade cereal.

gluten free banana oat pancakes recipe

19) Banana Oat Pancakes

Gluten totally free and freezer friendly

These popular banana pancakes freeze marvelously! I simply reheat them in the microwave, covered in a paper towel, turning midway through cooking. They’re terrific with peanut butter or almond butter and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Sweet potato burritos to freeze

20) Freezer Breakfast Burritos with Sugary Food Potato Hash and Black Beans

Freezer friendly

These burritos are so excellent that it’s difficult to conserve them for later on, however they do freeze well! Simply reheat in the microwave and include a drizzle of hot sauce or salsa. Your mouthwatering breakfast is served.

Morning glory steel-cut oatmeal

21) Megan’s Early morning Magnificence Oatmeal

Gluten totally free and vegan

Creamy, steel-cut oatmeal is a great make-ahead choice. Simply make a huge batch and shop it in the fridge for later on. Carefully reheat it in the microwave or on the range with a splash of milk (almond milk is terrific). I like to serve mine with a dollop of plain yogurt to up the velvety aspect and protein material.

This simple chia seed jam recipe is made with defrosted blueberries and raspberries (no cooking required)! Eat more nutritious berries with this easy jam.

22) The Easiest Berry Chia Jam

Gluten totally free and vegan

Turn frozen berries into chia jam! Dollop it kindly it’s nearly all fruit, after all.

homemade almond butter with berries

23) Homemade Almond Butter

Gluten totally free and vegan

Homemade almond butter is so elegant and abundant, you will not think it benefits you. However it is!

cold brew coffee with cream pour

Benefit! Cold Brew Coffee

Gluten totally free and vegan (well, unless you include dairy)

Here’s one additional method to streamline your early morning regimen make cold brew coffee on the weekend, and your coffee is prepared to opt for the remainder of the week.

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