Bacon and Brussels Sprout Salad

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Breaking out the brussels sprouts today!

And the b-b-b-b-bacon. As if there were another method.

So there’s a vacation showing up and it begins with T and ends with hanksgiving. We food fans understand this vacation well since it’s the ideal time for us to state Hey there Turkey! Hey Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Sage Packing and Gravy and Cranberries! Hey Pumpkin Pie with a hearty thwap of fresh whipped cream! I see you and I value you. ❤

Likewise, household. And pals. And whatever else.

Being among the 20-somethings in the household (not for a lot longer though! eek/wahh!), I take my continuous function as Salad Bringer extremely seriously. Sort of. In my life, and the majority of specifically throughout hectic times like T-giving, I am usually running late or behind or forgetting something truly very crucial. Rushing around at the last minute, tossing this green which crispy together and tossing it with a couple of drizzles of whatever, attempting to determine how to stabilize it on my lap while likewise holding my to-go coffee and attempting to do my makeup from the traveler seat on the little trek back to our home town for the huge banquets.

Oh yes I simply stated banquets. Plural.

Being from the exact same home town indicates Bjork and I consume two times on Thanksgiving Day. For which I provide huge thanks.

How To Make Our Brussels Sprout Salad (40 Sec):

Citrus dressing in a mixing bowl with a whisk.
Chopped almonds and brussels sprouts.

However being the last-minuter that I am, and likewise being the Salad Bringer who likewise takes place to be the FOOD BLOG WRITER, Thanksgiving typically indicates it’s time to bust out the old standby everybody’s preferred Bacon and Brussels Sprout Salad dish.

It’s easy, perhaps even easy enough for me to spare a couple of minutes to do my makeup prior to getting in the vehicle? meh, I do not understand, let’s not press it and seriously, versus all brussels sprouts chances, every individual in my household varying in age from 12 to 78 years of ages completely likes this salad. It’s splendidly strange. To the point where I feel worried to speak about it excessive even today for worry that the magic salad spell will break and all of a sudden somebody will understand THEY’VE BEEN CONSUMING BRUSSELS SPROUTS FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS.

The motivation for this salad came a couple of years ago when I saw this dish in a publication and I chose to attempt it on an impulse. And you people. This was back prior to brussels sprouts were a thing. I do not believe I had actually ever as soon as consumed on of those little infant green cabbies prior to this salad however possibly back in my youthfulness I was on the cutting edge of patterns. * presses glasses up on nose * The dish was from a dining establishment chef however I was drawn, per the typical, to the easy active ingredient list. And not just that, however there was absolutely nothing elegant about the preparation since this salad = raw, totally raw brussels sprouts.

Raw as in R-A-W. No smelly cooking, no superstrong aftertaste, nunna that.

All it took was one time with this dish and I was totally destroyed on taking pleasure in brussels sprouts any other method. I usually can’t do prepared brussels sprouts other than roasted, possibly. caramelized, all right yasss however I can constantly constantly constantly discover huge love in my heart for a bite of fresh, raw, paper-thin shredded brussels sprouts tossed with a light citrus vinaigrette and the flavor-texture trifecta of bacon, almonds, and Parmesan.

Shaved brussels sprouts in a white bowl.
Bacon and cheese.

My preferred part about this salad by far is the texture of the brussels sprouts. I clean them, take a minute to appreciate their rustic texture and basic adorableness, and after that shave them into thin little ribbons of incredible lightness with an awesome little portable mandoline. It appears like the example that would take a very long time, however you people. Do not you even understand me? As a basic guideline, I will not mess around with food preparation things that take permanently and a day. I can survive an entire stack of those sprouts in about 7 minutes. NBD.

One food snobbery remark for the record (simply picture me stating this with condescending eyeglasses and a china cup of tea with my pinkie in the air) you can utilize a bag of pre-chopped brussels sprouts to make this salad, however that does not indicate you should. I see those pre-chopped brussels singing out to us Time Savers and Salad Bringers from the racks at Trader Joe’s and even now at Target, and I will confess those online marketers understand how to lure me. However truthfully and I do not simply state this simply to be an obnoxious food blog writer the texture of those pre-chopped brussels sprouts is sliced, not shaved, that makes them cumbersome and huge and simply not extremely remarkable in contrast to the papery, light, completely fragile crunchiness of brussels sprouts that are mandolin-ed by you yourself. End of food snobbery soap box tirade.

Bacon and Brussels Sprout Salad in a white bowl.

Today is a very amazing day for 1-2-3-4 factors.

One: Counter top set up takes place today at 10am! oh my gosh oh my gosh! I will publish a photo on Facebook later on today since I can’t not.

2: Today I signed up with a co-working area where all the self-employed millennial kids go to play, I indicate, uhmm, work, and today will be my very first day “in the workplace” which indicates I get to sit among old brick, exposed beams, hipsters, and huge windows with views of downtown while imagining which food truck I will go to for lunch. Look mama! I’m all matured!

3: It’s still snowing. I still like it.

4: Leftover bacon and brussels sprouts salad in the refrigerator. Crispy almonds, sharp Parmesan, tasty bacon, and those paper-thin brussels with the lightest of light orange-lemon vinaigrette. Awyeah.

Bacon and Brussels Sprout Salad close up.

AND SIMPLY SO YA KNOW! Here’s the mandoline ( affiliate link) that I have actually utilized for this dish for the last 3 years works like an appeal whenever. I likewise utilize this for very finely sliced potatoes (I have actually got a dish for those showing up that I am oh so thrilled about eeeeeeh!) and very finely chopped apples for this cake, however truthfully, this bacon and brussels grow salad (and brussels sprouts salads in basic) is the important things I utilize my mandoline for the most typically. And even if that was all I ever utilized it for, it would be well worth the $14! It’s an early Merry Christmas to your brussels sprouts caring self.

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Close-up of Bacon and Brussels Sprout Salad.

Bacon and Brussels Sprout Salad

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This Bacon and Brussels Sprout Salad is an ideal side meal for vacations, with shaved brussels sprouts, sliced bacon, and a light citrus dressing.


For the dressing:

For the salad:


  1. Integrate the lemon juice, orange juice, apple cider, and shallots in a little bowl. Include the olive oil in a consistent stream and blend for a minute or more, up until it ends up being creamy-looking.
  2. Slice the brussels sprouts with a mandoline, looking after your fingers! and slicing them as thin as possible. This works finest when you hold the stem, piece from the top, and stop with a bit left at the bottom, disposing of the staying bottom stem part considering that it’s not extremely leafy anyhow. The thinner the shreds, the much better the salad! Toss the shreds and loosen them with your fingers to they separate and fluff a bit.
  3. Pulse the almonds in a food mill up until carefully sliced.
  4. Toss the brussels sprouts, almonds, bacon, cheese, and dressing together. Serve right away or within a couple of hours of tossing.

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Disclosure: this post consists of affiliate links! And did I discuss just how much I enjoy that portable mandolin slicer?

PS. I have actually currently shared this dish as soon as on the blog site, however I seemed like it should have another post. If you desire a tasting of how the blog site has actually altered from then to now, here’s the initial bacon and brussels grow salad post. Take pleasure in. Or laugh. Whatever.

Bacon and Brussels Sprout Salad - bacon, almonds, Parmesan, light citrus vinaigrette, and paper-thin brussels sprouts!

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