Fundamental Garlic Butter Tomato Sauce

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Hey! I’m Lindsay.

I make a great deal of garlic butter tomato sauce and put it on mainly whatever.

What else do you wan na understand?

It’s amusing how this works, isn’t it? The week I made this tomato sauce for the very first (and 2nd) (and 3rd) time, I had at least 500 next-door neighbors and good friends and loved ones connect to me and ask if I desired a few of their overflow garden tomatoes, understanding entirely absolutely nothing of my brand-new tomato sauce fixation. A little braggy of them, if you ask me, however yes, I would like your tomatoes. I might not be much proficient at growing my own, however I can rock the homemade garlic butter tomato sauce video game.

And speaking of. Is it truly tomato sauce or more of a luscious one-pan-magic kind of circumstance? These are the crucial concerns in my life.

How To Make Our Tomato Butter Sauce (1 MINUTES):

cherry tomatoes in a bag
Basic Garlic Butter Tomato sauce in a pan

A week approximately ago I made this garlic butter tomato sauce on my Instagram stories and a) enjoyed your reactions, and b) got asked this concern: can you eliminate the skins and seeds?

This brings us to an extremely crucial fork in the roadway: if you are not huge on skins and seeds, it’s time to swipe left.

I’m not stating it to be mean. I’m simply stating that the totality of the sauce is made from cherry tomatoes, which are comprised of 95% skins and seeds, so if you were to take all of that out, there would not be much sauce left. True blessings for your journey, seed-hating good friends. We will see you next time.

On The Other Hand, those people who fall more into the Human beings Who Like Consuming All The important things classification will continue with skins (blistered, simply a bit, due to the fact that we elegant) and seeds in our “sauce” which, as we have actually developed, is not truly sauce.

Chutney? Spread? Exactly what do we call something of this silky texture?

Basic Garlic Butter Tomato sauce in a jar with a spoon

Just Like the majority of my preferred dishes, this one is really flexible and versatile. So if you genuinely desire this to be a garlic butter tomato sauce for your pasta, woman, get after it. Simply utilize some broth or water (or this is simply concerning me today RED RED WINE?) to spread it even further.

On the other side, if you love eggs on toast or roasted potatoes or grilled chicken or comparable, and you like a little sumthin to thwap on top (believe Magic Green Sauce design)? SWIPE RIGHT and let’s match. Is that what individuals state? I’m imitating I understand dating apps today.

Simply … what I’m attempting to state is you desire this one. Precisely as composed. It is thick, chunky, simply a little tasty hi there, balsamic and loaded with taste thanks to some hot garlic and a knob of butter to end up.

Benefit thing that should have reference: whatever tomato sauce + breakfast sandwich combination is not to be tinkered.

Basic Garlic Butter Tomato sauce in a breakfast sandwich

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Tomato Butter Sauce in pan with spoon.

Fundamental Garlic Butter Tomato Sauce

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Fundamental Garlic Butter Tomato sauce made with cherry tomatoes, garlic, balsamic, and butter. SO basic, great on whatever.



  1. Location the tomatoes in a nonstick frying pan over medium high heat without any OIL IN THE PAN. We are attempting to blister the beyond the skins a bit here.
  2. Once the skins get a little blistered and the tomatoes are looking soft, turn the heat to prevent great deals of splatter, and include the olive oil and garlic. Beware not to brown the garlic.
  3. Press the tomatoes carefully with the back of a wood spoon so they burst and launch their juices. Include the balsamic and let the entire mix lower till it’s thickened a bit, perhaps 5-10 minutes.
  4. End up with the knob of butter and season with salt to taste.


If you desire a thinner sauce to go on pasta, include 1/2 cup approximately of water simply after including the balsamic and simply let it prepare down a bit.

Fresh basil would be an excellent choice.

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