Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

I’m a concept individual. You understand what I indicate? I get actually delighted about brand-new principles and unique methods to integrate things. It’s my nature. After I produced this blog site, I began to grow and much better concepts about food. Through my cam lens, I saw active ingredients broken down into colors and textures. Then the tastes appeared more abstract, and I found out that I might integrate them like paint on an artist’s scheme. Every new-to-me cooking method is a discovery, every brand-new kitchen area gizmo a brand-new tool.

I state that I won the prize when this little side task of mine became a full-fledged food blog site, since food blogging fits me so well. I like that my day task lets me work from house and invest more time on this blog site. A lot of days, it’s simply me, my pet and my concepts, and I enjoy. I actually get to taste my concepts in some cases they are excellent and in some cases they are bad however they’re constantly pleasing. It’s everything about the knowing procedure.

blueberries and honey

I chose to blog about this subject today since I was simply grumbling to my buddy that composing these posts is the hardest part. You see, when I get delighted about a dish principle, it’s off to the races. I fantasize about it, I investigate it, I make my grocery list, and after that I go house and make it. Possibly it’s no excellent and it passes away there. Possibly it has prospective and progresses into something various, however much better. Possibly I get fortunate and it’s perfect on the very first shot. I make it once again while tweaking my notes and photographing the procedure, and after that I modify the images. All this time, I remain in the zone. I could not inform you just how much time I invest basing on a chair and leaning over the table with my cam like an insane individual, since I misplace the minutes while I’m doing it.

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Then comes the writing. Honestly, in some cases I do not have anything to blog about, since I have actually been socializing with my pet and my concepts for too long. In some cases, I wish to spout off about a topic like dating in the Midwest, however I censor myself since my moms and dads and prospective sweethearts may read it (ugh). The majority of the time, I’m so prepared to share my newest principle that I simply wish to strike the “release” button. That’s how I was feeling earlier about this fro-yo, prior to I downed a cup of coffee and went on a tangent about concepts. Concepts, male!

Possibly you prepare for other factors completely. I believe the majority of people prepare by need, or for health factors. Some discover terrific complete satisfaction in cooking for liked ones. Some, like me, take pleasure in the innovative element of it. I prepare since I have concepts about food, and I like sharing my concepts as soon as I have actually found out how to perform them. So whether you’re visiting this blog site for motivation, a dish for tonight’s supper, or simply to get away from your workday, I’m simply pleased you’re here.

blueberry concentrate and yogurt

I ought to most likely talk a little about this tasty blueberry frozen yogurt. Every bite begins with the taste of honey, followed by a bracing mix of tart lemon and tasty yogurt, and finally, the taste of sweet summertime blueberries. It resembles, whoa.

Unlike a great deal of homemade ice cream mixtures, this one is scoopable right out of the freezer. That’s the magic of integrating complete fat goodness (i.e. yogurt) with honey (which never ever freezes strong) in an ice cream maker. If you have an ice cream maker, this fro-yo is absolutely worth the effort to make. I hope you’ll provide it a shot quickly.

how to make blueberry frozen yogurt

Blueberry frozen yogurt recipe

Homemade blueberry frozen yogurt

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

  • Author: Cookie and Kate
  • Preparation Time: 20 minutes
  • Prepare Time: 40 minutes
  • Overall Time: 1 hour
  • Yield: 6 portions 1 x
  • Classification: Dessert
  • Technique: Ice cream maker
  • Food: American

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This tasty, honey-sweetened lemon blueberry frozen yogurt is a wonderful summertime reward. Usage complete fat yogurt for the very best texture, and purchase natural berries and lemon if you can.


  • 1 pint ( 2 1/2 cups) blueberries, fresh or frozen
  • 2/3 cup honey
  • 1 little lemon, to be zested and juiced
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups complete fat yogurt, cooled


  1. Choose through your blueberries and dispose of any bad berries, stems or particles. In a medium pan, integrate the blueberries, honey, 1/2 teaspoon lemon passion, 2 tablespoons lemon juice and salt. Bring the mix to a simmer over medium heat. Lower the heat to a mild simmer, then cook, stirring periodically, for 15 minutes.
  2. Optional action: For a smooth consistency, stress the mix through a great mesh colander into a bowl. Mash the blueberries with the back of a big spoon in order to extract as much liquid as possible, then dispose of the mashed blueberries.
  3. Cool the blueberry mix till it is absolutely and totally cooled. You can accelerate this procedure by positioning it in the freezer, stirring every 10 minutes or two, for about 45 minutes.
  4. Mix together your cooled blueberry mix and cooled yogurt, then freeze the mix in your ice cream maker according to your producer’s guidelines. Serve right away for a soft serve texture, or move the frozen yogurt to a freezer-safe container and freeze for a number of hours for a scoopable consistency.


  • Dishes spoken with in the making of this dish: my honey-sweetened chai coconut ice cream, Just Dishes’ blueberry frozen yogurt, and Green Kitchen area Stories’ rhubarb and strawberry ripple froyo. You may likewise like my roasted berry and honey yogurt popsicles.
  • Yields 1 quart frozen yogurt.
  • Suggestion: if your ice cream container is made from glass or metal, chill it in the freezer prior to moving the completed ice cream to the container. That method the ice cream does not melt when it enters contact with the glass/metal.

▸ Nutrition Details

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P.s. Whenever I release an ice cream dish, I get concerns about ice cream makers. I’m a huge fan of this Cuisinart ice cream maker It’s a quite cost effective alternative (around $80) and yields a great deal of tasty, velvety ice cream (2 quarts at a time). On the drawback, you need to freeze the container for over 24 hr prior to usage, which uses up freezer area, and it is a little loud while running. I likewise have an elegant brand-new Breville ice cream maker, thanks to Sur la Table. It’s good since it has its own freezing part, so I can simply gather a cooled mix inside and strike start. Nevertheless, it is big and heavy, excessively costly, and just yields 1.5 quarts ice cream. So there you have it.

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