Caramelized Salmon

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Caramelized salmon.

Do I require to go on? Since the word caramelized basically speaks itself directly into my soul.

There’s simply something about food any food, consisting of however not restricted to meat and veggies that ends up being sweet and salted and textured and browned into some sort of caramelized dream that makes me never ever wish to stop consuming. It’s routine food fulfills sweet fulfills me drifting on food fans’ cloud 9.


Caramelized salmon on a white plate with greens.

So this salmon is caramelized. It resembles you’re painting a gorgeous and crispy caramelized external crust on among America’s many precious fish-es. ← a tough reality based upon my viewpoints and viewpoints.

However it’s the fact, right? I believe everyone and their mother either totally enjoys or feels obliged to like this healthy, quite, pink-colored fish.

On an individual fish choice note, I like salmon, however it has actually constantly been more of that magazine-article-reading commitment sort of taste. Or as a reason to work an Asian glaze and a hot stack of rice into my suppers. Mmhmm.

Caramelized salmon on a plate with greens.

I ended up being a pure salmon enthusiast simply for the basic goodness of salmon about 3 days back when I had this at a dining establishment, taken directly off Bjork’s plate in the middle of the dining establishment without any idea about what our supper visitors would consider us due to the fact that everyone shares off each other’s plates in public, right? Er, uhh, yeah. If you should understand, I didn’t purchase the salmon due to the fact that I needed to have the grilled portabella hamburger with Gouda and roasted red peppers and chipotle aoli + a side of the world’s finest French french fries rather. Which, in hindsight, I in fact do not be sorry for. However anyways.

Eventually the point of salmon fixation occurred when I strolled, no, ran house and recreated this dining establishment caramelized salmon charm in my own cooking area.

Here are the 3 components you require to make salmon taste browned, glazey, salty-sweet, and a teensy bit spicy.

Salt, pepper, and sugar in a white bowl.

That’s it.

You’re either in love with the brief spice active ingredient list and thinking of how quick you can enter into the cooking area and make this, orrrr your mind is currently racing with a minimum of 30 other spices that you might contribute to that spice mix. And more power to you if that’s deep down in your heart.

Salmon on a cutting board.

Howwwever. Let me simply state this. In my minutes of greatest temptation to take a basic dish and include great deals of spice and sauce and garnish and glaze and 3 sort of sprays, I attempt to advise myself that more isn’t constantly much better. A good filet of top quality salmon simply shines with these very fundamental flavorings and a stunning cooking method (that would be you, my caramelization magic).

Caramelized salmon on a plate.

Evaluation = 5 components. Twenty minutes. Perfect texture. Addictive taste. Healthy for your body. Pretty to take a look at.

Caramelized salmon for supper tonight? Okay, cool.

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Caramelized Salmon

Caramelized Salmon

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This caramelized salmon is basic, healthy and totally stunning. Simply 5 components and 20 minutes get that browned caramelized crust on the salmon.

Active Ingredients


  1. Integrate the sugar, salt, and black pepper in a shallow bowl. Dip each filet into the bowl and coat the whole surface area of the salmon with the sugar/salt mix.
  2. Heat a bit of olive oil in a big nonstick frying pan over medium heat. When the oil is hot, include the salmon, skin side down in the pan, and saute for about 5 minutes. If you’re fretted about the scorched sugar in the pan (or if there’s excessive oil/liquid) simply drain it off or spoon it out of the pan. If there’s a great deal of oil splattering, turn the heat down. I would not advise going greater than medium heat.
  3. Turn each salmon filet (thoroughly! keep the skin on there due to the fact that it assists the filets hold together) and saute for another 2-3 minutes. Turn to the side and saute each of the sides for another 2-3 minutes, if the filet is thick enough.
  4. Preheat the broiler to 450 degrees. Spray the top of each salmon filet with a teaspoon or 2 of extra sugar/salt mix. Transfer the pan from the stovetop into the oven. Let the salmon broil for 5-10 minutes, inspecting sometimes to ensure it’s not burning. The sugar in the pan may look scorched however that’s all right as long as the tops of the salmon are looking golden brown. When the salmon is done cooking, eliminate from the oven and enable to cool for a couple of minutes (that sugar fumes). Carefully peel the skin prior to consuming it will be really dark due to the fact that it’s absolutely caramelized with sugar, and it needs to come off really quickly.


If you’re utilizing routine salt, begin with simply 1 tablespoon and include more salt as required.

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Caramelized Salmon - Five ingredients. Twenty minutes. Perfect texture. Addicting flavor. Healthy for your bod. Pretty to look at.

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