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Are noodles the very best or are noodles the very best?

They are the real finest. You can construct practically any kind of meal around practically any kind of noodles. God bless them, each.

Today I’m going to present you to a concept that is an Absolutely No Thinking Required Supper Scenario. Spoiler: it consists of noodles.

Meet: Chili garlic wild rice noodles in the Immediate Pot (affiliate link). They are sticky, with an umami taste and a little sweet taste. They are stunning, since we get expensive with our garnishes. They are laced with a little chili garlic and speckled with red peppers and scallions and peanuts and saucy bites of chicken for those who desire it and tofu/other for those who do not.

Yeah. Those are the ones.

How To Make Our Immediate Pot Noodles (1 MINUTES):

chili garlic noodles close up with toppings

You understand how rice noodles (believe Pad Thai) are generally slippery and smooth and ideal for fork-twirling? I am going to inform you upfront that these are not those noodles. I indicate, actually, they ARE the very same noodles, however preparationally (opt for it), they are not.

These noodles are STICKY.

Believe Spaghetti Pie type sticky. Er, perhaps not THAT sticky, however believe sticky sufficient to where you’re most likely not going to have the ability to twirl them up great and silky-smooth. I do like an excellent fork-twirl of smooth Pad Thai as much as the next starving lady, however these noodles are an entire various animal.

These noodles are thick, and thick, practically, and extremely saucy and extremely chewy and they simply plead to be tangled-into with a fork. You resemble, huh? What is she speaking about?

And I resemble, here, simply attempt it.

peppers for chili garlic noodles
chili garlic noodles with tongs

I have numerous preferred features of this dish, however the 2 most significant are that:

  1. It utilizes the very same sauce (or actually comparable) as what we utilized for the back pocket noodle stir fry. Tadahh! It’s simply back-pocket-noodle-stir-fry in Immediate Pot type. You’re currently knowledgeable about that magic, you currently have all components in your delighted little kitchen, you currently understand you’re gon na like it.
  2. Versatility, child! If you like chicken, utilize chicken. If you do not like chicken … do not utilize chicken. Veggies? Any kind can work. I wished to attempt with broccoli however lacked time does somebody wish to report back on that? Have fun with the nuts on top. Cashews rather of peanuts? Bonus hot sauce or chili pepps? Cilantro rather of green onion? Perhaps a capture of lime, or perhaps not. You are taking a look at a dish for a Noodle Blank Canvas. I thus state you a Noodle Artist who can go forth and make it precisely what you desire.

chili garlic instant pot noodles in a bowl with toppings

As I pointed out, these are not your typical silky-smooth rice noodles. They are sticky and tasty. And sticky. Due to the fact that they get prepared in the immediate pot, all the starch gets contributed to the sauce which adds to the sticky-delicious-factor.

If you are discovering yourself not extremely delighted about the sticky-ness, I laid out an alternate technique in the dish notes. It’s a little bit more hands-on which I generally attempt to prevent when utilizing the Immediate Pot (what’s the point if you get simply as lots of meals filthy? states the lazy lady) however it deserves your while if you are looking for SILKY rice noodles.

For the remainder of the sticky noodle/ immediate pot fans? Thumbs-up! On to Noodle Success!

Note: a previous variation of this dish required 3 cups water however that was an error it needs to be 2 cups water, including the extra water just as required. Sorry for the blend! My brain is permanently on holiday.

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Instant Pot Chili Garlic Noodles in bowl with chopsticks.

Chili Garlic Immediate Pot Noodles

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Chili Garlic Immediate Pot Noodles They are sticky, with an umami taste and a little sweet taste. They are stunning, since we get expensive with our garnishes.



  1. Immediate Pot: Location all components other than red peppers in the Immediate Pot (affiliate link). Prepare for 3 minutes (handbook). Release steam instantly. If you get splatter, time out, or cover with a towel.
  2. After: Mix in the red bell peppers and toss extremely carefully, including a little bit more water or oil as required (it will be extremely sticky). Serve with garnishes include hot sauce for an additional kick. States me on every dish ever. ♡


Approach for less sticky noodles: Decrease water total up to 1/2 cup. Soak rice noodles in a cold water in a different bowl. Include all components to Immediate Pot other than rice noodles and red peppers. Prepare for 5 minutes. Stir in a tablespoon of cornstarch slurry (to assist the sauce thicken) and include the drenched noodles and raw peppers. Cover and “warm” up until noodles and peppers are softened and sauce is covering the noodles.

Chicken requirements to be cut into little, bite-sized pieces in order for it to prepare in 3 minutes together with the rice noodles.

If you do not have chili garlic paste, utilize fresh minced garlic and something for heat, such as ground cayenne pepper.

Do not let the noodles being in the pot for a long period of time after the timer goes off. You wish to launch the steam right now, otherwise the noodles become straight mush.

These noodles are implied to be sticky. Even when you include water at the end to assist them chill out, they will still be sticky. Mushy? No, unless you overcook them. Sticky? Yes. That’s what occurs when you prepare them from start to complete in the Immediate Pot. All their starch holds on for dear life. As pointed out, I type of enjoyed it in this manner, which is why I kept the dish to show that. If you do not desire them to be sticky, I would recommend a standard stir fry technique (like this!) OR the technique laid out in the notes above!

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