Cinnamon Sugar Zucchini Coffee Cake

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Cinnamon Sugar Zucchini Coffee Cake might or might not be the very best thing to come out of my kitchen area all week, however I require to begin this post with some b-a-d news:

Home # 2, the Charmer, offered.

After 5 days on the marketplace. To somebody else. The exact same night I published about it. Significant unfortunate mopey face.

Despite The Fact That the Charmer isn’t even an alternative any longer, can I simply state just how much I enjoyed and valued all your suggestions? There were a couple of remarks that seriously truthfully genuine may have swayed our house-buying choice one method or the other, and I suggest actually simply A COMMENT, from you sweet readers, throughout the web world someplace, which is simply strange and fantastic. You all are an extremely home smart lot, so thanks a mil for putting in the time to leave your 2 cents about which home we need to purchase.

The amusing feature of this is that now that the Charmer has actually offered, we do not feel any unique pull towards purchasing the Delighted Easy house. I think it simply wasn’t implied to be with that old cutie and possibly it’s an excellent indication that we need to keep looking. I’ll keep you published, you house fans you!

And when we DO discover a home, hi! I understand what to produce our We Lastly Discover a Home event. It begins with Cinnamon Sugar and ends with Zucchini Coffee Cake.

Cinnamon Sugar Zucchini Coffee Cake on a blue plate with a fork.

So do you remember my jumbo ZUCCHINI? All caps for size representation.

Giant Zucchini on a woman's head.

Here’s how I have actually utilized it, by fifths.

1/5: Zucchini Parmesan
1/5: Zucchini Pancakes
1/5: sauteed vegetable salad
2/5: Cinnamon Sugar Zucchini Coffee Cake

I made this Cinnamon Sugar Zucchini Coffee Cake two times get it? 2/5? and the very first time I didn’t make it with the middle layer of cinnamon sugar. Like, it didn’t exist in my brain yet.

However then the 2nd time I got this food vision for an additional cinnamon sugar layer through the middle due to the fact that I like things that are have sticky sweet middle layers, yeah? Go take a look at among the photos and see if you can identify that little layer therein. It’s subtle, like the example where you may not observe it initially bite and after that BOOM! You get a forkful that has that sweet layer going through it and your world is rocked. If you do not like sticky cinnamon sugar middle layers in your zucchini coffee cake, you’re enabled to leave it out. Buuut that does make you a weirdo.

Cinnamon Sugar Zucchini Coffee Cake on a fork.

PS. Potentially much more than middle layers, I like LOVE cinnamon sugar leading layers. For the incredible leading crust on this zucchini coffee cake, the butter and sugar and cinnamon get crumb-ed, topped the top, and baked into some type of terrific cinnamon sugar crunchyyy. There you are tackling your service, and all of an abrupt you discover yourself consuming this thin crispy cinnamon sugar layer on a cake that sort of melts in your mouth which so occurs to have VEGGIEZ in it, and I wager you’re having a great deal of enjoyable.

This is among those cakes that you can consume for breakfast, early morning treat time, after school treat time, bedtime treat time, dessert, and pertain to consider it, anytime in your entire life.

I love anytime cake.

Cinnamon Sugar Zucchini Coffee Cake on a blue plate.

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Zucchini Cake Recipe

Cinnamon Sugar Zucchini Coffee Cake

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This Cinnamon Sugar Zucchini Coffee Cake is so basic! It takes about 10 minutes to make and has 2 layers of cinnamon sugar. Mmm.

Active Ingredients

For the cake

For the topping


  1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.
  2. Press or drain pipes the excess wetness out of the zucchini shreds. Mix the cake components in order provided.
  3. Integrate the topping components with your fingers or in a food mill to make a crumbly topping. Put half of the batter into a greased 9 × 13 cake pan. Cover with half of the crumbs. Repeat with the staying batter and topping.
  4. Bake for 45 minutes. The top will be crispy and textured and the cake will recover when you carefully push it. And after that it will be gone quick.

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Delighted Labor Day to all the workers! Now go make a cake.

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