Timeless Supper Pancakes

this dish

That is not a typo.

That’s a scrumptious stack of seventeen pancakes topped with salted butter and sweet maple syrup. For supper.

Well, perhaps it’s 2nd supper, since in my life there’s an individual guideline that throughout the week of parent-teacher conferences you get to have 2 suppers.

Other Miscellaneous Personal Rules That I Have That You Ought to Understand about:

  1. Wash hands a minimum of 23x prior to consuming. I.SEE.germs.
  2. Wash hair every other day. Finest guideline ever.
  3. Take long showers every other day. Second finest guideline ever.
  4. Constantly break cookies in half.
  5. Constantly consume several halves.
  6. Use jeggings on Fridays.
  7. Prevent unknown Kleenexes on the class flooring. And by prevent, I imply run for your life.

And another guideline. If you attempt to discover a brand-new picture modifying software application such as Lightroom, and it takes permanently and you dislike yourself and you fall in a significant load on the flooring and your partner states that this need to be the dark side of blogging …

Then consume a 3rd supper and purchase aircraft tickets to South Korea and the Philippines for the entire month of June. #totallyrational

Two people holding plane tickets.

Hi once again. If you wish to conserve cash, make pancakes for supper.

We’re going to be consuming a great deal of pancakes.

Please please please prittyplease whip these up for yourself. I do not understand why they’re so great however they simply are. I have actually made them great deals of times and whenever seriously whenever, they come out completely. Simply a little fluffy, with a little bit of sweet taste, however not extremely heavy and filling.

I imply, why would you make these for breakfast when you could make these for supper? Pancakes = Supper. Tonight.

Stack of pancakes on a plate with a fork and a glass of orange juice.

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A picture of Classic Dinner Pancakes

Timeless Supper Pancakes

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These timeless supper pancakes are my preferred when we have breakfast for supper. So soft and fluffy and simply pleading for maple syrup.

Active Ingredients


  1. Different eggs; beat egg yolks. Sort dry active ingredients; include at the same time with buttermilk to the beaten egg yolks. Include melted butter. Blend the egg whites for about a minute and fold into the batter.
  2. Bake on hot frying pan (400 degrees) up until bubbles increase in the pancakes, about 3 minutes. Flip and cook another 2 minutes or up until golden brown. Serve right away.


I utilize my Griddler for this so I can see the precise temperature level of the frying pan. 400 degrees is the magic number it works perfectly whenever. It is among the greater settings, so if you’re utilizing a frying pan I ‘d set it at medium-high or high.

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I will not consume seventeen pancakes, I will not consume seventeen pancakes, I will not e.

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