Velvety Garlic Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

You are thisclose to taking pleasure in Creamy Garlic Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta! Garlicky spirali noodles and tender sun-dried tomatoes in a velvety, luscious sauce with a heavy cleaning of Parmesan cheese.

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ALERT ALERT ALERT! Just a percentage of time and a couple of active ingredients stand in between you and a frying pan loaded with velvety, garlicky, tasty, romantic, and alarmingly great pasta. Tender sun-dried tomatoes, perhaps some spinach, velvety sauce, bouncy noodles, and a heavy cleaning of Parmesan. This is an immediate matter. I believe you comprehend.

A couple of essential things for your evaluation prior to you take a swim in this velvety, luscious pan of pasta:

Firstly, can you ever fail with garlic, gewurztraminer, and cream in a sauce? Tip: no. It’s simply a cheat code for success. It makes brief active ingredient lists all over extremely, extremely delighted.

Second of all, spirali is one of the most enjoyable pasta shape of perpetuity and I will not discuss with you about this. It’s a slim little tube, like bucatini, however it’s wound into a tight spiral, so you get a spiraly shape that is extremely discreetly abundant and airy at the exact same time. Spring present to yourself: an order of specialized pasta to make your weeknight cooking into an enjoyable experience. Submit under things you state after age 30.

Sun-dried tomato pasta in bowls

Bringing You a Really Basic Component List

Okay, your star gamers in this dish are:

And … the rest is type of approximately you. You can include a handful of spinach and some sliced chicken sausage if you desire. Make it a one-pot meal.

Or you can simply dive in headfirst.

Creamy Garlic Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta in a pan with a wooden spoon

You’ll Requirement Delicious, Quality Pasta Here

Honestly, among my preferred SOS hacks is keeping flexible, good-quality foods on hand at all times.

DeLallo is the source of a number of my preferred products in this classification.

Ingredients for Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta with spirali noodles and sun-dried tomatoes

Their site is FULL and I imply actually loaded with enjoyable made-in-Italy items that can deliver ideal to your door, and we have a big choice of all of these things at our workplace cooking area because we’ve been dealing with DeLallo for like, 8 years? Longest standing brand name partner on POY due to the fact that we enjoy them therefore do you. ♡

In my house cooking area, nevertheless, area is tight, so I need to minimize my stash to simply a few of our most precious favorites:

Close-up of sun-dried tomato pasta in a pan

Whatever type of noodle you utilize, it’s simply a truth: pasta in a velvety gewurztraminer garlic sauce, speckled with tender bites of sun dried tomatoes and a handful of fresh herbs makes any SOS weeknight simply a little less SOS-y and a lot more fantastic.

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Creamy Garlic Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta: Frequently Asked Questions

Any other veggies or protein that would work out in this?

Great news is this dish is incredibly personalized! Proceed and include anything else you desire in there chopped chicken sausages, spinach leaves, peas, and so on!

I can’t discover sun-dried tomatoes crammed in oil. Will dried sun-dried tomatoes suffice?

That ought to work you’ll simply require to include a bit more olive oil to the pan and the meal to bring all the tastes together well.

What type of dry gewurztraminer do you recommend here?

Among our staff member, Jasmine, understands the ins and outs of red wine pairings. She suggests a gewurztraminer from Italy, like a Pinot Grigio, Soave, Gavi, or Verdicchio here.

Source notes: The concept for this dish originated from my good friend Angela! She texted me about it one night after she made it, with a picture, and it was my lunch the extremely next day because, like I stated at the start, this is an immediate matter.

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A picture of Creamy Garlic Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

Creamy Garlic Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

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You are thisclose to taking pleasure in Creamy Garlic Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta! Garlicky spirali noodles and tender sun-dried tomatoes in a velvety, luscious sauce with a heavy cleaning of Parmesan cheese.




  1. Prepare the pasta: Prepare the pasta according to package instructions.
  2. Sauté the great things: Heat a frying pan over medium heat. Utilize a bit of the oil from the sun-dried tomatoes to sauté the garlic and sun-dried tomatoes till soft and aromatic, 2-3 minutes.
  3. Make the sauce: Include the red wine; let it sizzle out and minimize so the taste gets real great. Include the cream; give a simmer. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Complete: Stir in the prepared pasta, including the reserved pasta water as required to assist coat the noodles in the sauce. End up with chives and Parmesan and a top-up on your glass of red wine. SO GOOD.

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We Love, Love, Love To Consume Pasta! See?

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