Crispy Eggplant Polenta Bites with Lime

Crispy Eggplant Polenta Bites with Lime

crispy eggplant polenta fries with honey + lime // @thefirstmess

Green Kitchen Travels

The brand-new Green Kitchen area Stories cookbook reached my door about a month earlier. Simply taking a look at the cover of Green Kitchen area Journeys stimulated motivation on brand-new levels for me. There are stunning pictures of food, yes, however likewise catches of the locations that motivated each meal. I constantly state that a great cookbook needs to take you someplace, whether it’s a brand-new frame of awareness with food, or the pictures and voice have the capability to carry you in as much as possible. This one achieves both smoothly. There’s absolutely nothing about it that I do not enjoy.

I was choosing what dish I would show you all here when I recognized I had actually cleaned out nearly all of my veggie garden, conserve for 2 gradually yellowing eggplant stalks and some greens. I turned to the “Street Food & Snacks” area of the book and understood I needed to have these crispy eggplant bites with honey and lime. Whatever I have actually ever desired in a treat and they could not have actually been easier to throw up. I utilized some rather coarse polenta and the degree of crunch was so rewarding. Drizzles of honey and fresh lime juice right out of the oven are simply too great. They taste convincingly deep fried!

the last bit of eggplant // @thefirstmess

pre-trim // @thefirstmess

crispy eggplant polenta fries with honey + lime // @thefirstmess

Print the dish here!
from Green Kitchen Area Journeys
NOTES: I believe these would be similarly great with a fat pinch of dietary yeast stirred into the polenta mix and a little warm marinara for dippin’, simply a concept though!;-RRB-

1 big eggplant, cut into 1/2 inch batons/wedges
3-4 cups unsweetened plant-based milk
1-2 cups natural, non-GMO corn grits/polenta
a fat pinch of great sea salt
olive oil
passion of 1 lime (when you have the passion, cut the lime into wedges)
flaky sea salt, such as Maldon
agave nectar, for sprinkling

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and smear a little bit of olive oil on it. Reserve.

Location the eggplant pieces in a big bowl and spray with a little bit of salt. Cover the pieces with the plant-based milk. Let the eggplant sit for an hour so that the bitterness can extract.

Put the corn grits/polenta into a shallow meal. Stir a great pinch of salt into the polenta. Set up the drenched eggplant, meal of polenta, and lined baking sheet next to each other. Get rid of excess milk from eggplant pieces and roll/press them in the polenta. Transfer layered pieces to the ready flat pan. Repeat with staying eggplant. Sprinkle the layered pieces with olive oil and move the sheet into the oven.

Bake eggplant bites for 15-25 minutes, turning them over when. Mine took the complete 25 minutes, however I believe this differs significantly on the real eggplant and hotspots in your oven. As soon as done, get rid of from the oven and spray bites with lemon passion, flaky sea salt, honey and lime juice. Serve hot!

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  • Katie @ Whole Nutrition

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this cookbook. These eggplant bites appear like a winner! Reply

  • Hannes Woodlandhalo

    Got it a couple of weeks back, it actually is very stunning. Love the chocolate-chili they have. Reply

  • Abby @ The Frosted Vegan

    Oh goodness, so I do not normally like eggplant, however these might be a video game changer! Reply

  • Brian// An Idea For Food

    This was the 2nd dish I had actually tagged from the book. From your photos it appears like it was a HUGE success.

    I understood from talking that we both had a shared love for this magnificently crafted development from GKS. It actually is a gem. Reply

  • Laura (Blogging Over Thyme)

    Oh my goodness, these appearance amazing! Eggplant is among my preferred foods, so it can do no incorrect, however polenta covered?! Yes!! Reply

  • Nataliya M

    Wow, so easy and looks so yummy! Really distinct concept, anticipating attempting this dish. This cookbook is absolutely on my to purchase list. Reply

  • Sini|My Blue & White Kitchen Area

    Yes!! This was among the very first dishes I fell for, although, I still have not really made it. I’m likewise thinking about replacing eggplant with squash, as there’s a fried pumpkin meal that I have actually when had in Beijing which I have actually been yearning recently. What a gorgeous post to commemorate a motivating cookbook!
    Likewise, I can just envision all those ideas that accompany taking that huge leap and seriously entering food service. You’ll make it, Laura. Think me, you are among the most motivating souls out there, although, I do not even follow a vegan/ vegetarian diet plan myself. You have the power to make individuals see food in brand-new methods, to get them thrilled about cooking, and to motivate following a much healthier way of life. Dream huge, woman. Dream huge. Reply

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    Mmm these appearance magnificent. Requirement that book! Reply

  • Ashley

    These sound so freaking great! And the eggplant pictures? Luuurve. Need to purchase this book! Reply

  • valentina sweet kabocha

    I’m waiting on Christmas to purchase all the books I have in my desire list, and clearly Green Kitchen area Journeys remains in there. And your eggplant bites appears so crispy outdoors and soft inside * ___ * Reply

  • Amy @ Parsley In My Teeth

    Terrific option to choose from their cookbook now that we remain in football season such a terrific (and much healthier) finger food than routine french fries to treat on! Reply

  • Sarah Mac

    These look heavenly, like practically whatever from GKS. Thank you for sharing Laura:-RRB-

    They serve a comparable meal of crispy aubergine french fries at the terrific Morito in London, however with whipped feta and pomegranate molasses. Comparable sweet and sharp ambiance to the honey/lime pairing I expect, however increase a notch. I have actually been wishing to recreate it in the house considering that permanently, however have actually constantly resented deep fat frying this baked variation might be simply the ticket! Would most likely work simply as well with tahini in location of feta, for those avoiding dairy. Reply

    • Laura Wright

      Hey Sarah! I enjoy the concept of smothering these in a salted tahini dressing/sauce scenario. Sounds incredible. Thanks for sharing that:-RRB-))
      L Reply

  • Christine

    I stopped at the image of these in the book too they sound tasty! I believe the corn meal may be quite tough to sub out with something else however, and I have an intolerance. I may experiment;-RRB- On your other ideas you’re such a motivation and truthfully, I believe you ‘d discover success. We ‘d be fortunate if you were to begin something brand-new here in Niagara! Reply

  • jaime: the briny

    this eggplant dish looks excellent and is completely timed, for me i simply unloaded a couple of world eggplants from my CSA bag today. i discover dishes like this are so motivating; easy tastes, and simply a few of them, set up in a fantastic, strong, confident way. i enjoy it. thanks a lot for sharing. Reply

  • Kyla

    Love your website. I read this entry especially close as I too feel a deep yearning to reserve my worries and follow my food enthusiasm full-time. (I check out cookbooks with such a sense of yearning!). What is remarkable is that despite the fact that I compose a food blog site, and we (my spouse) runs a regional dining establishment- I in some way still do not seem like I am actually linked to our regional food culture. Due to the fact that I make my “support” from another market (read: workplace task!), I feel that I am outside the market searching in. I can’t appear to peaceful that voice. Ahh, however the worry that can hold one back! Heading into the unidentified. Relying on oneself. Thinking it can occur. These are the feelings that can so quickly flood over and cloud one’s dreams.

    There. I simply put it out there. Hanging.

    Possibly, as you state, the timing might simply be right. Reply

  • Kris

    I simply got 3 little eggplants in my CSA share today. Eggplant polenta bites are on! Reply

  • Millie l Include A Little

    Looks incredible woman! I enjoy eggplant, I enjoy polenta and your stunning photography is ridonkulous! Reply

  • Eileen

    Those eggplant appearance so stunning and fresh! And the polenta crust is such a terrific concept seems like the ideal contrast in textures. Reply

  • Dina

    I initially became aware of eggplant and honey in Spain when I invested 2 moths there previously this year. It was a reward. I simply returned from Israel where they serve eggplant with date syrup they call Silan. Elegant. Love your variation.
    Thanks for sharing. Reply

  • Kate

    I’m totally consumed with their dishes, both from this brand-new Guidebook and the initial Greek Kitchen area. Have you attempted the baked bananas too? They taste seriously deep fried and tasty however are completely healthy too. Love the pictures in this post too. Reply

  • kristie {birch and wild}

    I am so ecstatic to include Green Kitchen area Stories to my thoroughly curated collection of cookbooks. I enjoy whatever they do.
    As normal, your pictures magnificently record the essence of the seasons and the spirit of entire food living. Reply

  • Kasey

    I have actually long been impressed with that couple’s imagination. I’m actually thrilled to take a look at the book and make these! Eggplant is among my outright preferred veggies. Reply

  • Tessa|Natural Convenience Kitchen Area

    Laura, your kitchen area is stunning! I keep noting that whenever I read your posts. I would eliminate for such a terrific photography area like that! Did it come like that or did you develop it? Would enjoy to see a cooking area trip post. Reply

    • Laura Wright

      Hello There Tessa! Thanks for your compliments. We really gutted the kitchen area totally when we got your house about a year earlier. So whatever you see in the pictures is things we have actually done ourselves. It’s a smaller sized kitchen area, however we absolutely created it to be a workhorse. I want to share more kitchen area pictures of the area in the future, however there’s still simply a bit of work delegated be done. Quickly though!:-RRB-
      L Reply

  • Judie Keech

    I enjoy roasted veggies with a lemon Rosemary sauce sprinkled over. That is my preferred fall meal. I think I got the dish here from you! Reply

  • Ellen

    Love crispy eggplant! Can this be made beforehand and reheated the next day, or will it lose the crunch? Reply

    • Laura Wright

      Hello There Ellen, I’m uncertain on how well the pieces would fare the next day. I believe if you reheat the pieces on a rack rather of straight on the baking sheet you may have a battling opportunity at quality. Or perhaps if you coat the eggplant and get it all set up ahead of time, cover and cool the pieces on a flat pan, and after that bake them the next day I believe that approach may be a much safer bet.
      L Reply

  • Patricia Mauro e

    Had the crispy egg plants for starter today. Actually great nearly the like when we had comparable in Minorca recently. Saw your dish and well worth the effort. Will be aiming to purchase your cookbook now.
    Patricia Reply

  • Elle

    Will using the polenta escalate the carbohydrate count? Otherwise this looks delish! Thank you. Reply

    • Laura

      Hello There Elle,
      Yes, polenta consists of carbs. If you are worried about carbohydrates, I would seek to another crispy eggplant dish from a devoted paleo/low carbohydrate website.
      L Reply

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