Dynamite Plant Power Sushi Bowls

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” Sushi tonight?”

These are the words I live by.

In some cases individuals ask me what we in fact consume for supper given that, you understand, we have a food blog site, I prepare a lot, there’s constantly a lots of food around here, that sort of thing.

Okay, pals? In all sincerity? Here’s the breakdown of our weekly suppers:

Other than do I appear like I’m joking today?

We have a little sushi location within very- available range from our home that has actually become our go-to of all go-tos for a delighted, lazy takeout supper. I have not attempted this yet, however I am so lured to buy THE REGULAR whenever I employ our order due to the fact that we have actually employed a minimum of when a week for the last 52 weeks straight and our order has actually never ever altered. 3 Dynamite Rolls plz!

Sushi bowl close up with a fork.

Dynamite Rolls are where it’s at for us middle-of-the-road sushi individuals.

I indicate, great on you, brave sushi souls who purchase the raw fish sushi takeout for lunch from those little plastic containers that they cost expensive supermarket, however over here in the middle-of-the-road sushi camp we are feeling a little odd about that for some factor (some factor = ummm RAW FISH) so when we do sushi takeout, we stick to things like the really safe, really routine Dynamite Rolls.

Dynamite Rolls: the ones with tempura shrimp, avocado, and cucumber rolled in with that sticky white rice and a sheet of roasted seaweed and topped with spicy mayo and roe. The ones that my dreams are made from.

No raw fish. Lots of taste and texture. Extremely safe for takeout and ideal for middle-of-the-road sushi-ers and simply pleading to be adjusted into sushi bowls.

So this dish? It’s a healthy bowls + dynamite rolls = SUSHI BOWLS and it is my supreme favorite. Instead of tempura shrimp or raw tuna or something, we are choosing a type of soy-glazed tofu as the protein of option due to the fact that, TBH, ain’t no one got time to run around to another supermarket to get unique sushi fish for a Thursday night supper. No thank u. We can, nevertheless, get some tofu and sprinkle it with soy sauce, rice vinegar, agave, and garlic and after that pan-fry it as much as golden excellence so it can be served Dynamite-style with cucumber, avocado, carrots, infant micro greens, ginger, wild rice for healthy benefit points, and spicy mayo and sesame seeds on top. Gosh, tofu is so great.

Similar To a Dynamite Sushi Roll, however in the type of sushi bowls, with next level nutrition and, like, previous level ability.

Soy Glazed Tofu for the Dynamite Plant Power Sushi Bowls.
Sushi bowl on a napkin.

KEEP IN MIND ABOUT GENUINE SUSHI: I definitely do not wish to dissuade you from attempting to make * genuine * raw fish sushi in the house, particularly if you have some type of sushi wizard in your life to hold your hand and inform you it’s fine as you cut off those little buttery pieces of a raw tuna steak and put them straight in your mouth. ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh!!! I understand, best? There is no food experience like it, and even the squeamy part of putting the raw fish in your mouth is (I guarantee you) DIVINELY scrumptious and will definitely make you question the significance of life.

However in the end, given that functionality stays our close buddy for weeknight suppers, we eventually welcome the fake-out sushi bowls zone. We fry up some tofu, we toss all of it in bowls with our preferred sushi pals, and we call these things AMAZING DYNAMITE PLANT POWER SUSHI BOWLS. ♡

Isn’t food simply the very best?

Sushi bowl on a napkin with a fork.

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Dynamite Plant Power Sushi Bowl with carrots, cucumber, avocado, ginger and tofu.

Dynamite Plant Power Sushi Bowls

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Dynamite Sushi Bowls! much like a dynamite roll, however much easier and much healthier with tofu, avocado, cucumber, ginger, wild rice, and spicy mayo. Vegetarian/ quickly made vegan.





  1. TOFU: Press the tofu to get rid of excess wetness. Cut into little cubes and marinade in the soy sauce, vinegar, agave, and garlic while you prep the veggies and other components.
  2. BOWLS: Preparation all the veggies, rice, and garnishes.
  3. TOFU AGAIN: Heat a bit of oil in a frying pan. Drain pipes off excess marinade and include tofu to the hot pan, shaking or stirring carefully once in awhile to keep it from over-browning. When the tofu is browned, contribute to the bowls and serve.
  4. ASSEMBLY: Divide the tofu, rice, and veggies into bowls. Leading with soy sauce, spicy mayo, sesame seeds, and marinaded ginger!


For a vegan variation, utilize a vegan-approved sub for the mayo such as shop purchased vegan mayo or a homemade variation utilizing tofu, and so on

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