Simplest Garlic Mashed Potatoes

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Can’t stop can’t stop can’t stop.

Garlic mashed potatoes. They have my heart.

And you people, I pinkie guarantee something: these are the most convenient ever. I indicate, absolutely nothing should have the Simplest Ever badge of honor like a dish that can be made in a cooking area that is, um, not even a cooking area. The basement, keep in mind?

And it’s a total reward for all the good friends around the table when most convenient ever likewise suggests incredibly scrumptious, ideal? The buttery texture with the texture of the potatoes skins (I am on the leave-the-skins-on-the-potatoes side of the fence) and a tip of warming roasted garlic is making me one pleased pre-Thanksgiving lady. I have actually had these for supper for WAYYY a lot of nights in a row and we’re still weeks far from the huge banquet. And yes I do seriously indicate that I have actually been calling easy, modest bowls of garlic mashed potatoes my “supper.”

What do regular individuals consume once again?

Potatoes and garlic.
Mashed potatoes in a mixing bowl.

Okay good friends, I require to let you understand that right here and now this is your one last opportunity to get a peek into the basement kitchen area. Which is basically simply a basement with a power strip for plugging in kitchen area devices. Due to the fact that after today, we are proceeding approximately the uppppstairs where we have a Kitchen area with a capital K.


How To Make Our Garlic Mashed Potatoes (2 MINUTES):

Ahhhm, is sticking an electrical mixer straight into a sluggish cooker some type of bad cooking voodoo basement black magic? I have actually lost touch with truth down here among the filthy cement bricks. Bring me to the light.

I do not understand however, those scary film basement lights are quite lovely.

Woman in a basement and woman in a kitchen.


So the other day I began something brand-new! I evacuated my computer system, placed on my genuine individual clothing, and set out to operate at a co-working area. Where a lot of self-employed grownups go to hang out I IMPLY WORK so that they do not lose their minds, working from house, alone, on the sofa, in pajamas, permanently, till they pass away. No? Simply me?

It was truly enjoyable to be downtown for the day. I was buzzing with entrepreneurial energy, although the most complex thing I did throughout the day was compose an article while drinking some strong coffee. I invested an excellent part of the afternoon walking downtown Saint Paul due to the fact that I am a hipster and I like to stroll. > Lies. I got lost searching for an excellent location to consume lunch. What else? Lunch is a huge offer to me, you understand? I can’t simply pick any old location to consume when I’m within strolling range of all the fantastic downtown Saint Paul dining establishments. My mission was just partly rewarded when I lastly discovered a scrumptious dining establishment, uhm, errr, perfect throughout from where I began.

Hi, I’m not from here.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes in a mixing bowl with a wooden spoon.

It’s excellent to belong to work far from house. Real thing.

Likewise real: it’s excellent to come back house to a big pot of steaming garlic mashed potatoes tempting me down to the basement with their mouthwatering smells right when I stroll in the door.

These garlic mashed potatoes. I’m informing you they are so very simple and they get scrumptious roasty-garlic taste although you do not really need to roast the garlic. I was enjoyed see that when I raised the cover off the sluggish cooker after a couple of hours, my infant garlic cloves were sitting right there on the top looking abundant and golden brown. Not roasted exaaaactly, however close enough for this ovenless lady.

If I were not currently the Salad Bringer, or if I were the Salad Bringer (which I am) aaaand I was likewise feeling very generous and perhaps starving on that specific day, I would absolutely be bringing these mashed potatoes to Thanksgiving.

Simplest Garlic Mashed Potatoes, you are velvety, buttery, laced with the best quantity of garlic taste, salted kindly, velvety with simply adequate texture, all with simply a couple of minutes of preparation and one-bowl tidy up. Like a champ.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes on a spoon.

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Garlic Mashed Potatoes in a bowl with gravy and a spoon.

Simplest Garlic Mashed Potatoes

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These are the Simplest Garlic Mashed Potatoes ever made completely in the bowl of a sluggish cooker and they still have that delightfully warm garlic taste!

Active Ingredients


  1. Location the potatoes, milk, broth, and garlic in a sluggish cooker, with the garlic resting on top. Cover and prepare for 4-5 hours on high or 7-8 hours on low. When the potatoes are really tender, mash straight in the bowl of the sluggish cooker to integrate whatever to your preferred consistency. You can likewise utilize an electrical mixer, which I did, and it was very slick. Simply beware not to keep the mixer totally inside the bowl so you do not get a mashed potato spray.
  2. Stir in the salt, butter, and sour cream. Taste and change spices, mix or mash anymore if required, and serve. Yummmms.


More salt is usually an advantage with this dish. Potatoes enjoy salt! Likewise, as you can see, mine were really rustic-y with some swellings and bumps of potato and likewise of the potato skin, which I sort of liked. If you desire ultra-smooth, you may wish to a) prepare the potatoes a bit longer, or b) do the complete expensive thing where you utilize a potato ricer and whatever. That’s not this dish.

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