Filipino Fried Chicken

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Something I was not anticipating to consume a lot of throughout our year in the Philippines = FRIED CHICKEN.

Seriously, Filipinos understand and enjoy their fried chicken and I maximized that while living there. The chicken I bought at Jollibee (type of like a regional McDonald’s) was called Spicy Chicken and it resembled KFC fried chicken covered with a hot spices mix. Ohmygosh, dip that in a little gravy and you’re hooked for life. Whoever thought about the spicy chicken thing certainly didn’t appreciate the heat since when you consume spicy fried chicken in the Philippines, the sweating leaves control instantly. However no big deal. Anything for spicy fried chicken.

At The Kid’s Shelter of Cebu, the orphanage Bjork and I operated at, they would make their own Filipino fried chicken. When I went to view the aunties make this, I was anticipating seeing how they would make the breading for the fried chicken, you understand, the things that makes the skin golden brown and crispy scrumptious? And after that the chicken remained in the oil and there was no breading. What? No breading? Does not all fried chicken have breading?

However their variation is chicken just, and it’s so adorable since they simply put it in these huge plastic tubs with the day of the week on it (an important tool for a chef cooking in a house for 30 kids) with the marinade. And after that when it’s remained in there enough time they feel in one’s bones then it enters the hot oil for a long bubble bath.

I might speak about fried chicken all the time, buuuut I need to go to work. Here’s the CSC Filipino fried chicken that I experienced in images. With a couple of good-looking little men included for great procedure at the end.

Food scraps in a dish.
Chicken in a frying pan.
Chicken frying in a pan.
Four boys laughing.

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Filipino Fried Chicken - Pinch of Yum

Filipino Fried Chicken

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This basic and scrumptious dish for Filipino fried chicken originates from the orphanage that I operated at for one year in Cebu, Philippines.

Active Ingredients


  1. Location the raw chicken in a big bowl. Include the garlic, onion, oyster sauce, black pepper, salt, spices mix, egg, and cornstarch. Stir till the chicken is uniformly covered.
  2. Heat oil in a big pot over medium heat. When the oil is hot, position the chicken, one piece at a time, in the oil. The oil needs to cover the chicken pieces practically totally and it will bubble carefully as the chicken cooks. Continue to fry the chicken till the skin is golden brown and crispy. The precise quantity of time you’ll require depends upon the temperature level of the oil, however the aunties left their chicken in for about 15-20 minutes (a very long time!) with the oil over lower heat. Get rid of from the oil and set on paper towels to drain pipes excess oil. Repeat in little batches till all the chicken is fried.

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I did another lil post on this dish for the Kid’s Shelter of Cebu site, where you can likewise see bajillions of adorable kid images and check out other stories and details about CSC. Inspect it owt, men.

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