Home Favorite Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Glaze

Sugary Food Cinnamon Rolls! Made with pillowy brioche dough and cinnamon sugar tucked into every nook and cranny. This makes a BIG batch of dough that you can divide and conserve for later on … or make additional all on your own!

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It appears practically ridiculous to compose anymore because you, like the majority of typical individuals, saw “Cinnamon Rolls” and resemble, “Yes! In! This is the only present I require this holiday!”

You most likely began considering your preferred part of the cinnamon roll which is obviously, the center. The gooey, soft, pull-apart, cinnamon-slathered, sweet, completely glazed bite. The bite you waited on the entire time or, if you resemble a few of us, the only bite you took and after that disposed of the rest since why botherrrrr?!

Well, what if the entire cinnamon roll * was * like the center? What if every bite was light and soft and buttery and sweet? What if the whole thing was curtained in a silky smooth cream cheese glaze that leaked and slipped into every readily available warm cinnamony pocket? Yes. Yes. Farewell dry, difficult glaze-less external bready bits! We’re here for brioche and we’re never ever reversing.

Your vacation breakfasts, your peaceful early mornings with a hot cup of coffee prior to everybody awakens, your reward plate on the counter where you slip bites in between all the stirs and mashes and temperature checks of vacation meal preparation … all of this simply got a lot more tasty.

Cinnamon rolls with glaze on plates with forks.

Active ingredients You’ll Require

To make these pillowy dream devices come together, you’ll require a long time and some perseverance and some butter. Those are certainly the huge things, however there’s a couple of other active ingredients on the list too.

About that butter. The outright secret to this ideal cinnamon roll, in our modest viewpoint (however likewise not modest … hiiii this is the very best cinnamon roll!), is the brioche dough. It’s soft and sweet and airy. It is definitely made to be taken in cinnamon and sugar and warm drippy glaze.

The dough dish itself suffices to make 3 batches of rolls so you can make one batch now and conserve the rest for another time that you wish to make everybody’s day a lot better. Or in case you wish to make a pan all on your own to consume while you’re baking another batch to put out on the table for everybody else. They do not need to understand. We’ll never ever mention it. Your trick is safe with us.

How To Make Perfect Cinnamon Rolls

There are some actions here. There is a bit of time and preparation and love that enters, however what are the vacations if not time and preparation and love. And we assure, definitely all your efforts will be rewarded. BIG TIME.

  1. Make the brioche. This truly is indicated to be an over night procedure. You’ll blend your dough together, all sweet with honey and abundant with butter, and after that cover her loosely and let her double in size (about 1-2 hours). After that, simply go on and pop her in the refrigerator and go to sleep. The brioche dough truly is a lot simpler to deal with after a chill since of all the … ahem, butter. So go, imagine the warm cinnamon early morning that awaits you.
  2. The early morning of. When you’re prepared in the early morning, pull the dough ball out and cut the dough into thirds. You’ll utilize one for this batch and you can fridge/freeze the other 2. Present your dough into a big rectangular shape. If you’re truly on top of things and a really typical individual, you understand where your rolling pin is. If you’re us, you get the nearby round item and get at it. To each their own.
  3. Make the filling Mix together your cinnamon, your sugars, and your melted butter. If you truly wish to get elegant you can stick some orange passion therein, perhaps some cardamom, some cocoa?! The world truly is your oyster, however we’re keeping it conventional in this one.
  4. Kind the rolls. Spread the filling over your dough and after that roll it up, beginning with the brief end. Cut the unequal ends (however do not you attempt leave those! toss them in a ramekin and bake them up, make little cinnamon twists … point being, bake a small treat with them). Cut the log into 6-8 equivalent pieces and position them in your pan. Provide another 1 hour 15 minute rest (perhaps likewise slip among those in on your own?) in the pan to assist guarantee the puffiest cinnamon rolls … which is certainly constantly what we’re opting for.
  5. Bake After they increase, bake for about 20 minutes (we certainly err on the side of under-baking for ideal squish). Let the coziest, merriest, hottest cooking area smells commence!

White hand rolling up cinnamon roll dough.
Cinnamon roll dough rolled up and cut into sections.
Unbaked cinnamon rolls in a cast iron skillet.

Let’s Talk Glaze

You’re currently going to be glimpsing because warm oven and definitely high-fiving yourself left and right as you enjoy them pillow up over the top of the pan, however there is still more magnificence to come! That’s right, it’s a smooth, smooth, thin however not too thin, covers and leaks over whatever cream cheese glaze. Icing? Glaze? Factor for living? Whatever you call it, this one is practically ideal.

So there are some ideas and techniques here since in some cases a glaze wishes to swelling, and we’re not having that. So you’ll wish to ensure your cream cheese is extremely soft to begin which you whip it truly smooth prior to you start gradually integrating the milk and sugar and vanilla so whatever remains smooth.

Then it depends on you where to go next! If you sprinkle the glaze on right now, the much better opportunity it needs to permeate all throughout the cinnamon rolls for a gooier, squishier, all around dreamier vacation early morning experience. If you await the rolls to cool a bit very first, it certainly acts a bit more like an icing staying up on top, still tasty and entirely devourable.

You can likewise have some enjoyable here if you’re feeling it. A little maple syrup because glaze possibly? Or a swizzle of honey to draw out the honey in the brioche? Did you zest some orange because filling, how about a splash of orange juice in your glaze for a sweet citrusy twist? Mess around, make them your own, make them once again and once again and once again.

We truly do not understand how you might perhaps fail! Even if you do get some swellings. Can completely confirm that the entire group consumed a complete batch of lumpy-icinged cinnamon rolls with negligent ABANDON and no remorses.

Cinnamon rolls covered with glaze in a cast iron skillet.

In such a way, making these completely soft, pillowy, sweet cinnamon rolls is a lot like collecting family and friends for the vacations. It takes a little time and perseverance and preparation. Once everybody is all embeded and prepared to go, there’s absolutely nothing more warm, more relaxing, more joy-giving than having them at the table.

Cinnamon Rolls: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you suggest saving these to keep them fresh?

If you have leftovers (ha) keep them in a sealed container in the refrigerator and they need to remain fresh for a couple of days! Reheat in the microwave or oven till warm.

How do I rewarm my cinnamon roll?

Simply pop it in the oven at 350 degrees for a fast 5 minute rewarming treatment, or about 30 seconds in the microwave.

How should I keep my remaining dough?

You can keep it covered in cling wrap in the refrigerator for a couple days after that, transfer to the freezer for approximately 3 months. See dish for more particular directions!

Prefer To See Rather Of Check Out?

Source Notes: To get to light, pillowy, strongly glazed cinnamon roll nirvana, we initially worked a lot from the incredible cinnamon roll dish in Bread in 5’s Vacation and Event cookbook (affiliate link). Our dough is a small departure from their brioche however theirs is the dish that called out, “Yes, you can possibly do this! You CAN make these from scratch!” And after that generally that voice has actually contacted us to us every day since because, you understand … cinnamon rolls.

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Cinnamon roll on plate with fork.

Home Favorite Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Glaze

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Our Home Favorite Cinnamon Rolls the ones we make every year! With pillowy brioche dough and cream cheese glaze tucked into every bite. This makes a BIG batch of dough that you can divide and conserve for later on … or make additional all on your own!



Cinnamon Roll Brioche Dough:

Cinnamon Roll Filling:

Cream Cheese Glaze:


  1. Make the dough: Start by including the water and yeast to a bowl. Include all the other dough active ingredients to the bowl and blend with a wood spoon till integrated. It will be untidy, sticky, and loose. You can move to a tidy bowl if you desire then cover loosely with cling wrap or a moist towel, and let her rest at space temperature level for 1-2 hours till it has actually expanded and doubled in size. * This is essential. *
  2. Shop in the refrigerator: Once the dough has actually doubled in size, put the bowl in the refrigerator, covered, to keep a minimum of over night, so the dough has time to chill and end up being much easier to manage.
  3. Cut a piece off: When you’re prepared for rolls, eliminate the dough and cut the entire dough ball into thirds. Each 3rd (about the size of a grapefruit) will provide you a 6-8-roll batch of cinnamon rolls. You’ll utilize one 3rd for this dish, and the other 2 thirds can be kept in the refrigerator or freezer among the very best parts about this dish! See notes.
  4. Preparation the filling and glaze: For the filling, blend the sugars and cinnamon in a little bowl. For the glaze, utilize an electrical mixer to beat the softened cream cheese till smooth and velvety. Mix in the powdered sugar, vanilla, and a bit of milk at a time till you get a smooth glaze.
  5. Put together the rolls: On a well-floured surface area, roll your dough ball (the one-third portion from action one) out into a rectangular shape a little larger than the size of a piece of paper about 9 × 13, and about 1/2 inch thick. You’ll wish to do this when the dough is best out of the refrigerator since as it heats up it will get more sticky. Brush with the melted butter and spray with the cinnamon roll filling. You can utilize your hands to push it in and ensure it’s all equally covered.
  6. Cut, rest, and bake: Roll the cinnamon rolls up beginning at the brief side Cut off any unequal end pieces so both ends have a tidy cut. Carefully cut your log into 6-8 rolls and position them in a 9 × 13 pan or a circular pan, with an inch or 2 of area in between. Cover loosely with cling wrap or a moist towel and let the rolls rest at space temperature level for 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to baking (this assists the rolls puff up a little more). Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. (I like to err on the side of underbaking.)
  7. Glaze and take pleasure in: When they come out of the oven, provide a minute to cool. Then brush or spoon them with the glaze so it gets every crevice covered with gooey, drippy deliciousness. This is a glaze and not meant to be a thick icing it is typical for it to leak into the fractures of the rolls as envisioned. Enjoy every warm, pillowy, glazed bite. YOU MADE THAT. Cinnamon roll happiness is yours!


Yield: This makes enough brioche dough for 3 batches of cinnamon rolls, with 8 rolls per batch.

Freezing the Dough, Alternative 1: You can simply cover your 2 additional dough balls in cling wrap and freeze them as a dough portion this is what I typically do. The benefit of this is that it enables you the choice of utilizing the brioche in something aside from cinnamon rolls, like this gooey caramel monkey bread. To thaw the frozen dough portion, you’ll require to put it in the refrigerator to thaw about 24 hr prior to you’re going to utilize it. Then, as soon as you have actually rolled or assembled it into its last type, provide it a minimum of 1-2 hours to rest and increase at space temperature level prior to baking.

Freezing the Dough, Alternative 2: You can present the additional dough into cinnamon rolls and put the specific rolls in the freezer currently dressed and prepared to go. Because case, put them in the refrigerator to thaw a minimum of 24 hr prior to baking, and let them rest at space temperature level for a minimum of 2 hours to puff up once again prior to baking.

If your dough is not increasing: This occurs to me every as soon as in a while (due to differences in temperature level of the space or temperature level of active ingredients). I discover that it’s often since the dough is not warm enough yet. Presuming that your yeast lived and you are smelling that sweet, yeasty odor from the dough, it simply requires a bit more time, heat, and wetness. Covering it with a moist towel and putting it near a warm oven for an additional 30-60 minutes need to get it going. You can likewise attempt any of the techniques in this post in specific I like the boiling water/ oven technique.

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