Indian Street Food: Aloo Tikki

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What on the planet? How on the planet? Where on the planet?

North India, to be precise. I do not understand much about it, however I believe I like it. And if this Aloo Tikka (mashed potato cakes with herbs and spices) is acted as street food as it’s reported, then North India looks like the next finest stop for me on our summertime takes a trip.

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  1. Chicago.
  2. Indianapolis.
  3. North India.
  4. India Palace.

It appears like the rural Indian dining establishment will need to be enough. May also include an additional order of naan while we’re at it.

These adorable little (or big) nuggets of fried goodness are rupturing with taste. Ginger, cilantro, garam masala and cumin offer a hot punch to the potato and pea “dough”. And while they took a bit of prep time (peeling, boiling, and mashing the potatoes) the taste was well worth the effort.

Although I ‘d still choose to purchase them on the streets of India.

I adjusted this dish from one that I discovered on an excellent blog site, My Saffron Kitchen area. As I was “adjusting”, I believed to myself: who are you to be making changes to an Indian dish?

Annnd I never ever truly developed a great response to that. So enjoy my Minnesotan twist on this Indian Street Food!

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Aloo Tikki

Indian Street Food: Aloo Tikki

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Aloo Tikki an Indian street food made with fried potatoes, peas, and onions that can be quickly made in the house. Soooo scrumptious!



  1. Once the potatoes have actually been boiled and mashed, include all the other active ingredients.
  2. Kind into patties (you need to have the ability to get 8 big patties or 10 smaller sized ones).
  3. Heat a little oil over medium-high heat and fry a couple of minutes on each side till golden brown. Drain pipes and cool on paper towels.
  4. Serve with any type of sauce you like (I served it with a cottage/ricotta cheese mix, however I picture this would be scrumptious with some type of chutney)!

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If you ever go to India, possibly you could deliver some Aloo Tikki back to Minnesota? Assist a woman out.

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