Immediate Pot Eggs

You’re 3-7 minutes far from your best egg with these immediate pot eggs. What are you awaiting?!

Do you enjoy eggs? I believe eggs are the best food. They’re pure protein, they are tasty, you can meal prep them, and they opt for almost whatever. I have actually been boiling eggs given that I was a youngster however say goodbye to since Immediate Pot eggs are here to remain!

This is a how-to guide on how to make the best eggs difficult boiled, medium, and soft boiled each time, rapidly and quickly in the Immediate Pot.

I need to confess, I withstood altering the method I made eggs permanently. I imply, it’s so simple to boil eggs in a pot on the range, am I right? However then, when I attempted to up my protein and was consuming many eggs in a week, I chose to meal prep them in the Immediate Pot and I have actually never ever reversed. It’s SO EASY.

Why you need to make eggs in the Immediate Pot

I seem like when you attempt it when, you will not require convincing, however here are some factors you need to prepare your eggs in the Immediate Pot:

  1. You do not require to view the pot. This is a set it and forget it system. You simply pop the eggs in, set it, then when it beeps, you understand they’re done. With routine boiled eggs you need to keep track of the heat source, ensure absolutely nothing is boiling over, essentially you’re viewing a pot. No more, I state! These eggs will launch you from all of that.
  2. The eggs come out best. Do you desire difficult boiled? Jammy? Soft boiled? Immediate Pot eggs come out constant best every time.
  3. Quick. Think it or not these eggs are (a little) quicker!
  4. They peel quickly! If you’re continuously googling: how to completely peel eggs, this is the response. The shells almost fall off a minimum of if you’re difficult boiling or medium boiling them. I discovered that the soft boiled eggs did not peel quickly, however if you’re going to be consuming them in an egg cup, it does not actually matter excessive.
  5. Meal preparation. You can make up to a lots eggs in one go, best for meal preparation for all those keto life peeps out there.

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The number of eggs can I prepare in the Immediate Pot?

As lots of as you desire! You can make one, or a lots. You need to ensure the eggs do not touch the water however since what we’re doing is steaming them. The typical sized immediate pot will most likely fit 6 eggs per layer. Racks will assist you if you wish to make a lot of eggs at the same time.

Do you like soft boiled eggs, medium boiled eggs, or difficult boiled eggs?

For me, I like them all! I enjoy a softie egg with toast, jammy eggs to consume by themselves, and difficult boiled for making deviled eggs. I believe the Immediate Pot has actually made me fall for eggs all over once again.

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The length of time for best eggs?

Soft boiled:

For simply set whites and an extremely runny yolk you require 3 minutes on High Pressure.

Medium boiled:

For medium boiled eggs medium company whites and a jammy yolk you require 5 minutes on High Pressure.

Tough boiled:

For difficult boiled eggs with firm whites and a totally set yolk you require 7 minutes on High Pressure.

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How to make Immediate Pot eggs

  1. Put the eggs in the pot. Location your eggs in the pot on the cleaner rack with 1 cup of water.
  2. Set the pressure to high. Set the pressure to high and cook for 3-7 minutes, depending upon wanted doneneses.
  3. Quick release. Quick release and right away plunge the eggs into an ice bath, peel and delight in!

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What to consume with eggs

  • in the outright finest egg salad sandwich you’ll ever consume
  • on homemade sourdough
  • with yogurt and salad for a healthy tasty breakfast bowl
  • with steak for the best power protein set
  • marinaded as ramen eggs

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Immediate Pot Eggs

Serves 4
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Preparation Time 0 minutes Prepare Time 3 minutes Overall Time 3 minutes


  • eggs as required (about 6 per layer)
  • 1 cup water this does not alter no matter the number of eggs you make

Unique Devices

  • immediate pot
  • steaming rack that included the Immediate Pot


  • Location the rack into the insert of the Immediate Pot and include 1 cup of water. Include the eggs to the rack, making certain they’re not touching the water or the side of the insert. Make certain the pressure valve remains in the sealed position. instant pot eggs |
  • Set the pressure to high and set the time for 3-7 minutes, 3 minutes for soft, 5 minutes for medium, and 7 for difficult. When the Immediate Pot is done, fast release and right away position the eggs in a bowl of ice cold water. eggs in an ice bath |
  • Drain pipes well and peel. Take pleasure in!instant pot eggs |

Approximated Nutrition

Nutrition Information.
Immediate Pot Eggs.

Quantity Per Serving (1 egg).

Calories 78
Calories from Fat 45

% Daily Worth *

Fat 5g 8% Hydrogenated fat 1.6 g 10% Cholesterol 186.5 mg 62% Salt 62mg 3% Potassium 63mg 2% Carbs 0.6 g 0% Fiber 0.01 g 0% Sugar 0.6 g 1% Protein 6g 12% * Percent Daily Worths are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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