Korean Barbeque Burrito

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Alright kids, sufficient messing around. It’s time to get food severe over here.

Let’s start by packing a soft flour tortilla with unbelievably yummy garlicky-n-gingery beef, spicy kimchi, steaming white rice, cilantro and basil and simply usually herbs to the max, and a huge dollop of yum yum sauce. Like a burrito mashup.

And after that we will follow that up by loosely calling it a fusion-style Korean barbeque Burrito.

The supreme meaning of food severe right there.


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And now, for a short breakdown of all the methods in which this dish and dish title is scrumptious and not technically proper.

First the meat is not * technically * barbeque as in hot grill barbeque. I put it in the sluggish cooker since it was much easier that method. And after that it ended up SO DELICIOUS that I could not return. So, I dunno, go on and evaluate me. However likewise, barbeque would likewise be scrumptious.

Korean BBQ Burrito - an easy food-truck-style recipe you can make with a slow cooker! spicy beef, kimchi, rice, cilantro, and sriracha mayo in a soft flour tortilla. | pinchofyum.com

2nd Korean is a loose descriptor. I declare no credibility (it’s a Korean burrito, so right there we remain in difficulty). I DID watch a number of videos to find out how to make Korean-style beef and I AM utilizing kimchi to try authenticity, however mainly this is simply me experimenting with the precious tastes and designs of Korean-influenced, Mexican-style street food.

And lastly, for an interesting piece of news: these are in fact SO simple to make (see pictures with labels) and they will offer you with a strong bangkok burrito stock stack for your freezer which is remarkable for times like, state, simply as an example, the empty-fridge day after a 4th of July weekend.

We might or might not have made these into packed tacos over the 4th of July weekend and our besties might or might not have stated them the very best TACOS they’ve ever had and if you require me I’ll simply be over here making triple batches of the meat for future taco and burrito requirements, all right?

Korean BBQ Burrito - an easy food-truck-style recipe you can make with a slow cooker! spicy beef, kimchi, rice, cilantro, and sriracha mayo in a soft flour tortilla. | pinchofyum.com

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Korean BBQ Burrito cut in half and wrapped in foil.

Korean Barbeque Burrito

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Combination food at its finest! Korean barbeque Beef, rice, kimchi, and yum yum sauce all rolled up in a soft flour tortilla.



For the Korean Barbeque Beef

For the Burritos


  1. KOREAN BARBEQUE BEEF: Very finely slice the beef and pulse the pear, garlic, and ginger through a food mill. Put all the components for the beef in a sluggish cooker. Cover and prepare on high for 3-5 hours or up until extremely tender and scrumptious.
  2. Preparation all your burrito fillings (prepare the rice, mince the herbs, prepare the sauce).
  3. Lay a flour tortilla flat on a piece of foil. Location the rice, meat, herbs, kimchi, and sauce in the middle of the tortilla. Fold the sides up, then roll it in advance to back and cover it with foil if you’re waiting for later on. (We freeze these for simple suppers and lunches, and we likewise consume a lot of them right away since they’re so darn great.)


Warming the tortilla a bit makes it much easier to roll.

I have actually likewise done the meat on low in the sluggish cooker for about 9 hours and it was still actually great, however a bit more dry than the much shorter time on high heat, so choose the much shorter time if you can. I have actually likewise done this in a conventional barbeque sense (like, on a hot frying pan or grill, for instance, this dish) which is similarly as great.

If you can’t discover kimchi, simply toss a store-bought coleslaw blend with the spicy mayo or yum yum sauce. You will not get the tang of the fermentation, however the crunch is on point.

Likewise additional filling produce excellent tacos!

Nutrition details is simply for the Korean Barbeque Beef and does not consist of the tortillas or any of the burrito fillings.

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