Korean Corn Pet Dog

Exists anything more scrumptious or exceptionally enjoyable than a Korean corn pet?! The sweet and mouthwatering mix of the crispy external batter and the elastic cheese pulls I’m addicted!

If you have actually enjoyed any K-drama or are from another location thinking about Korean culture, you have actually seen Korean corn pet dogs: magnificently fried, golden battered hotdogs with mozzarella on a stick, cleaned with a shimmering spray of sugar.

Korean corn pet dogs are all over street food is a thing and it’s not truly unexpected that they’re so popular. I had a Korean corn pet method back in the day when travel was still a thing, fresh from the fryer and it was remarkable. The cheese was melty and the batter was crisp and mouthwatering. I have actually been missing out on travel like insane and making Korean corn pet dogs in the house is the next finest thing so here we are.

What is a Korean corn pet?

Korean corn pet dogs are hotdogs, rice cakes, fish cakes, or mozzarella cheese covered in a batter (and in some cases panko, french fry pieces, or ramen) and deep fried. They’re ended up with sugar and a signature squirt of your dressing of option: catsup, mayo, mustard, or all 3. They’re sweet and salted and totally scrumptious.

Some Korean hotdogs are made with a yeasted batter and some are made with a rice flour batter. There are a great deal of variations!

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What makes Korean corn pet dogs various?

There are a number of distinctions in between the corn pet dogs you understand and Korean corn pet dogs. The primary distinction in between corn pet dogs and Korean corn pet dogs depends on the batter. American corn pet dogs are damaged in a cornmeal batter and Korean corn pet dogs are damaged in a yeasted dough or a rice flour batter.

Korean corn pet dogs are likewise ended up with a scattering of sugar. And last of all, Korean corn pet dogs do not in fact need to have hotdogs in them. There are a lot of Korean corn pet dogs that are simply mozzarella cheese, fish cake, or rice cakes.

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How to make a Korean corn pet

  1. Assemble. Start by cutting the hotdogs in half. Cut the block of mozzarella cheese into sticks approximately the size of the halved hotdogs. Utilize a stick and skewer, hotdog, then cheese. Location in the refrigerator to keep them cold.
  2. Make the batter. In a bowl, blend together flour, milk, an egg, baking powder, sugar, and a pinch of salt till thick and smooth. Put the batter into a high cup so it’s much easier to dip the hotdogs. Like the hotdogs and cheese, it’s finest to keep this in the refrigerator so it remains cold.
  3. Dip. Hang On to the stick and dip the hotdogs, covering totally, ensuring that the batter is holding on to the hotdog and cheese.
  4. Coat. Right away take the battered hotdog and coat it in panko, making sure to continue the panko carefully, making sure that it’s totally covered in panko.
  5. Fry. Warm up the oil over medium high heat. You desire the oil temperature level to be in between 350 ° F and 375 ° F. When you include your corn pet dogs, the oil temperature will drop, so go for 375 ° F to begin with. I utilize an immediate read thermometer to make certain I remain in the best variety. Fry the layered corn pet dogs, without crowding till golden and crispy. Utilize a set or tongs or a slotted spoon to thoroughly scoop them out and let them drain pipes on cake rack.
  6. Enjoy. Sprinkle or roll the golden corn pet in sugar and surface with a squiggle of catsup, mustard, or both.

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Korean corn pet active ingredients

  • hotdogs— get your preferred brand name of hotdog and suffice into 2. I choose basic all-beef hotdogs.
  • mozzarella cheese— it’s much better to get a block of low wetness mozzarella cheese and suffice into sticks for this dish, the cheese holds up much better when deep frying and provides you a much better cheese pull. If you just have cheese string treats, that will work too.
  • batter— I chose a thick batter made from flour, eggs, milk, sugar, and a little bit of salt. Some Korean corn pet dogs are made with a yeasted or a rice batter however I discovered this dish on youtube and it looked quite darn great. The batter worked like a beauty!
  • panko— Many Korean corn pet dogs are covered in panko, a fluffy Japanese breadcrumb. Panko is bigger and more irregularly formed compared to basic breadcrumbs. It’s the trick to light and crispy breading. It deserves it to purchase a bag of panko, particularly if you like crunch. Panko is offered in many supermarket in the Asian aisle however it’s less expensive to purchase it at an Asian supermarket.
  • oil— You require about 2-4 cups of oil to deep fry your Korean corn pet dogs. Choose a high smoke point oil as you desire the oil temperature level to be in between 350 ° -375 ° F. The very best oils for frying are, in order of greatest to most affordable smoke point: safflower, rice bran, soybean, corn, sunflower, canola, or grapeseed. You desire a neutral oil that has no taste. We typically purchase safflower since I believe it’s adorable, however choose what’s budget friendly.
  • sugar— a roll in sugar includes a little bit of sweet taste and crunch.
  • catsup and mustard— this depends on you, an adorable squiggle of one or both is renowned.

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  • Skewers. The skewers you utilize matter. If they’re too slim they will not hold up your Korean corn pet. It’s finest to utilize a thick wood skewer (I utilized these ones) or a non reusable wood chopstick. I choose the wood skewers since they have a pointy idea.
  • Cold cheese, hotdogs, and batter. It is necessary to keep your mozzarella, hotdogs, and batter cold. If they’re at space temperature too long or they heat up, the cheese has the propensity to exude out when you’re deep frying. It’s finest if you keep the pet dogs and cheese cooled for a minimum of thirty minutes in the refrigerator.
  • The best mozzarella. Mentioning cheese, utilizing low wetness mozzarella obstructs is essential. String will work however obstruct mozzarella cut into sticks will be much more elastic and melty.
  • Hot oil. The very best temperature to fry these corn pet dogs is 350 ° F. See the area listed below to discover your ideal deep fry temperature.
  • A couple of at a time. If this is your very first time, coat and fry the corn dogs a couple of at a time. This makes certain that the cheese and batter remains cold in the refrigerator. The chillier the cheese and batter, the less it will leakage when you’re frying. Leaking cheese in hot oil is a mess!
  • Do not avoid the sugar. The sugar covering may appear additional however it’s that sweet and salted combination that makes Korean corn pet dogs so great!
  • Potatoes. Sliced up french fries are another popular covering for Korean corn pet dogs. They’re called gamja hotdogs and they’re a tasty mashup of corn pet dogs and french fries. Rather of covering in panko, roll your battered hotdog in sliced up frozen french fries and panko then fry as normal.

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How to inspect your oil temperature level

I truly advise getting an immediate read thermometer so you get ideal corn pet dogs. If you do not have a thermometer, you can inspect if your oil is prepared with the thick wood skewer or non reusable chopstick. Location the skewer into the oil.

  • No bubbles: the oil isn’t hot enough.
  • Oil begins bubbling around the chopstick gently however gradually: you’re prepared to fry.
  • It appears like it’s boiling around your chopstick: your oil is too hot.

Likewise essential is having enough oil so the corn pet dogs can drift. This is how you’ll get an even golden brown color.

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Where to purchase a Korean corn pet

If you do not wish to make these Korean corn pet dogs in the house, do not fret, I have actually gotchu! They offer frozen Korean corn pet dogs at Korean supermarket particularly H-Mart. Simply pop them in your air fryer for a number of minutes and you’re great to go. You can likewise attempt Korean corn pet dogs at popular Korean corn pet chains like: Chung Chun Rice Hotdog or Myungrang Hotdog.

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Korean corn pet variations

There have to do with a thousand various type of Korean corn pet finishings that you can get in Korea. Here are some concepts for you if you have actually attempted the initial and wish to broaden your corn pet world!

  • Gamja-hot pet— Gamja hotdogs are french fry hotdogs. Gamja is potato in Korean and what they do is either sliced up french fries to coat rather of panko. The french fries are crispy and salted and are remarkable with hotdogs and cheese.
  • Cornflake pet dogs— Rather of panko, usage squashed up cornflakes for a real play on corn pet dogs. The warm corn-y taste of cornflakes sets extremely well.
  • Ramen pet dogs— Squashed up immediate ramen packages include tremendous crunch. You can likewise spray on the spices package for additional immediate ramen vibes.
  • Crispy rice— Crispy rice puffs are a good addition you can either squash up rice crackers or seek Korean rice puffs and roll your corn pet in rice rather of panko.
  • Hot cheetos— Hot cheetos include crunch and spice. Sprinkle some lime and mayo on and it’s AMAZING, particularly if you do a mozzarella pet.

What to serve with Korean corn pet dogs

Korean corn pet dogs are a street food and typically simply consumed by themselves as a treat or with french fries. If you wish to make a little Korean banquet, here are some recommendations:

  • Korean fried chicken: sweet and spicy and extremely crispy
  • Potato balls: potato balls packed with cheese for matching cheese pulls
  • Spicy soft tofu kimchi stew: the ideal spicy home cooking

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Korean Corn Pet Dog

Exists anything more scrumptious than the sweet and mouthwatering mix of the crispy external batter and the elastic cheese pulls Korean corn pet?
Serves 6
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Preparation Time 10 minutes Prepare Time 10 minutes Overall Time 20 minutes


  • 3 hotdogs halve
  • 6 sticks low wetness fresh mozzarella cheese
  • 1 1/4 cups all function flour
  • 2 tablespoon sugar plus additional to end up
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 big egg
  • 3/4 cups milk
  • 2 cups panko
  • High heat oil for deep frying
  • mustard as required, optional
  • catsup as required, optional


  • Skewer the hotdogs and cheese on sticks, hotdogs on the bottom and cheese on top. Location in the refrigerator to keep cold.skewered hot dogs and cheese | www.iamafoodblog.com
  • In a bowl, blend together the flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder. Mix in the egg and milk till thick and smooth. Put into a high cup and location into the refrigerator. Put the panko onto a shallow plate that you will have the ability to roll the corn pet in.korean hot dog batter | www.iamafoodblog.com
  • In a deep fryer or a deep broad pot, warm up the oil (enough so that the hotdog will drift) over medium high to medium heat, till it reaches 350 ° F. When the oil is nearly at temperature, take the skewered pet dogs from the refrigerator and dip into the batter, ensuring it is totally covered.dipping hot dogs into batter | www.iamafoodblog.com
  • Roll the layered corn pet in panko, ensuring that the panko coats all of the batter, utilizing your hands to carefully push it on if required.rolling hot dogs in panko | www.iamafoodblog.com
  • Thoroughly include the layered corn pet to the oil and fry for 3-4 minutes or till golden and crispy, turning as required. Get rid of from the oil and let rest on a cake rack.draining deep fried korean corn dogs | www.iamafoodblog.com
  • Roll or spray the corn pet with sugar and drizzle on mustard and catsup. Delight in hot!korean corn dogs | www.iamafoodblog.com

Approximated Nutrition

Nutrition Information.
Korean Corn Pet Dog.

Quantity Per Serving.

Calories 398
Calories from Fat 155

% Daily Worth *

Fat 17.2 g 26% Hydrogenated fat 7.6 g 48% Cholesterol 62mg 21% Salt 781mg 34% Potassium 259mg 7% Carbs 43.3 g 14% Fiber 1.8 g 8% Sugar 7g 8% Protein 18.8 g 38% * Percent Daily Worths are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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