No-Boil Baked Penne with Meatballs

Baked Penne with Meatballs! No-boil, fail-proof, garlic-buttery, simple dreamy weeknight supper. SO GOOD!

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Alright, collect round.

Let me inform you the tale of the no-boil, fail-proof, garlic-buttery, dreamy baked penne with meatballs.

The base of this child is a silky, mouthwatering, garlic-heavy tomato and butter sauce, which is simply the correct amount of clingy for those hearty entire wheat penne noodles. And the meatballs, spinach, and Parmesan round the entire thing out into a one-and-done type meal.

Baked penne with meatballs in a bowl.

However what I actually require you to understand is this:

You can blend UNCOOKED repeat UNCOOKED pasta, tomatoes, milk (!), garlic, and butter, in a pan and pop it in your oven and it will bake into something that tastes like you invested hours on it.

The significance of quality active ingredients here is certainly high, thinking about that there aren’t numerous to start with. Which is why we are utilizing the very best of the very best: Land O Lakes ® Butter! The only butter in my refrigerator. I actually think the butter is the important things that takes this baked penne from typical to OMG how did you make this? Got ta love that golden magic.

Ingredients for baked penne with meatballs.

This is how you make it in actually one photo.

Mix and bake.

Ingredients for baked penne with meatballs in a dish.

Keep in mind the garlicky butter mix with oregano, and the fire roasted tomatoes, and the pasta, and the cheese due to the fact that I got a little additional greedy in this specific batch.

All of it, plus or minus your bonus, directly into the pan.

Mix, bake, and voila.

The world is your oyster. Or … your bubbling pan of baked penne.

Baked penne with meatballs in a bowl.

You understand that today I’m digging the feed-my-family-in-two-snaps sort of meals, and bonus offer points if it’s simple enough to use my child in a wrap while making it.

This is that meal. Gold star, blue ribbon, brand-new mommy win.

Garlic, butter, tomato, penne, Parm, and spinach, HERE WE COME!

Watch How To Make Our Baked Penne with Meatballs:

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Baked penne with meatballs.

No-Boil Baked Penne with Meatballs

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Baked Penne with Meatballs! No-boil, fail-proof, garlic-buttery, simple dreamy weeknight supper. SO GOOD!


Baked Penne:

At the end:


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Mix all of the baked penne active ingredients together in a 9 × 13 baking meal. Cover firmly with foil (double layer isn’t a bad concept).
  3. Bake for 35-40 minutes.
  4. Eliminate foil (HOT HOT HOT) and offer it a stir. Include spinach and top with Parm, and brown it up for 3-5 minutes under the broiler. Let it represent a couple of minutes so the sauce has a possibility to thicken up. Voila!


Protein: This is tasty with meatballs (I utilized these chicken meatballs), and likewise tasty with a pound of prepared shredded chicken. If you do not consist of any protein, you will most likely have a bit more sauce than what you require. As composed, the base offers you enough sauce to coat the noodles AND the extra protein.

Veggies: Looks like kale would likewise do actually well in this dish.

Garlic Words: I discover that garlic powder and onion powder offers an unique taste that does not change fresh garlic however completes the dish actually perfectly. It offers a few of the very same mouthwatering taste as what you may get if you included a package of dry cattle ranch or Italian flavoring or something … without utilizing a package of dry cattle ranch or Italian flavoring.

Al Dente Seekers: 30 35 minutes = somewhat al dente pasta. 40 minutes = softer noodles. Remember that the noodles soften as they cool/ move into the leftovers phase.

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Thank you to Land O’ Lakes, Inc. for sponsoring this dish!

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