Perfect Roasted Sugary Food Potatoes

Roasted sweet potatoes are my preferred! They’re pillowy-tender and sweet on the within, and delightfully salted and caramelized on the exterior.

Unlike sweet potato casseroles with marshmallows on top, roasted sweet potatoes have a naturally mouthwatering side to them. That’s why I enjoy them.

sweet potatoes

In reality, I didn’t even like sweet potatoes till I found sweet potato french fries. Roasted sweet potatoes were simply an avoid away, and they’re definitely healthier than deep-fried ranges. Do you understand that sweet potatoes are a fantastic source of fiber, plus vitamins A and B6?

Given that we’re returning to fundamentals this month, I’m sharing my evaluated and improved roasted sweet potatoes dish. As you’ll see, roasted sweet potatoes make a fantastic side meal, treat or hearty plant-based meal part. Crank up the oven and let’s get to it!

Watch How to Roast Sugary Food Potatoes

peeled and sliced sweet potatoes

How to Roast Sugary Food Potatoes

Roasted sweet potatoes are simple to make and tasty, if you understand these standard suggestions and techniques.

1) Purchase excellent sweet potatoes.

Try to find sweet potatoes that feel heavy for their size, with even skin and no squishy bits. I shop sweet potatoes that are more rounded and uniformly formed, which is practical when it pertains to slicing them into even pieces. Shop your sweet potatoes in a dry, cool, dark location (like a kitchen or cabinet, not the refrigerator). They need to keep for a week or 2.

Any range of sweet potato will work for this dish. The more vibrant your sweet potatoes are on the within, the more anti-oxidants they consist of genuinely! That’s why I constantly purchase orange-fleshed (or periodically purple-fleshed) sweet potatoes, instead of white. Keep in mind that in the United States, “yams” are generally simply sweet potatoes by another name (here’s what a genuine yam appears like).

2) Peel or scrub them tidy.

This depends on you. I tend to peel my sweet potatoes out of practice, however you can leave the skin on if you do not mind some extra texture. If you choose to leave the skin on, make certain to scrub them tidy under running water and pat them dry prior to slicing.

3) Cut them into even cubes, or near to it.

Start by slicing each sweet potato into one-inch large rounds. Then, cut each round as needed to make portions that are approximately one-inch cubes. They will not be completely even, however that’s fine.

4) Do not overcrowd the pan.

Like all veggies, sweet potatoes require some breathing space on the pan. Otherwise, the cubes will produce a lot steam that they’ll never ever turn golden on the edges. It’s much better to utilize 2 pans, organized on different racks near the middle of the oven, than to pack excessive onto one pan.

Idea: Here are my preferred big, rimmed baking sheets (they’re called half-sheet pans, which’s an affiliate link). Each of these pans can accommodate as much as 2 pounds of sweet potatoes.

5) Roast at a reasonably heat, turning midway.

We desire the oven showed up high enough to yield tasty golden edges. Not so high that the olive oil burns, which both smells and tastes bad. I advise baking at 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

6) Do not stop till deeply caramelized.

If you roast the sweet potatoes enough time, their sugars will begin to caramelize versus the pan. Those caramelized bits are the very best parts! Do not stress if you see a couple of areas that look scorched take it as an indication that your sweet potatoes are done. In all possibility, the sweet potatoes will still taste fantastic.

sweet potatoes before and after roasting

How to Serve Roasted Sugary Food Potatoes

Roasted sweet potatoes make a fantastic side meal for a wide range of meals. They’re a particularly excellent choice for fast stovetop suppers. Put your sweet potatoes in the oven prior to you begin on the rest, and they’ll be done around the time your entrée is completed.

As you glance the tips supplied listed below, you’ll see that I enjoy to include sweet potatoes into Mexican (or perhaps Thai) meals. They’re sweet sufficient to contrast with hot active ingredients, and I can’t get enough.

Serve roasted sweet potatoes as a side meal for these meals:

  • Arugula and Wild Rice Salad with Zippy Lemon Dressing
  • Chilaquiles Rojos or Chilaquiles Verdes
  • Crispy Bean Tostadas or Favorite Breakfast Tacos
  • Spicy Black Bean Soup

Roasted sweet potatoes are a fantastic addition to hearty salads with entire grains, consisting of wild rice, farro and quinoa. Here’s evidence:

  • Sugary Food Potato, Arugula & Wild Rice Salad with Ginger Dressing
  • Mediterranean Roasted Sugary Food Potato & Farro Salad
  • Quinoa Salad with Roasted Sugary Food Potato, Kale & Pesto Vinaigrette

best roasted sweet potatoes recipe

Yearning for more roasted veggies?

Here are a couple of more flexible dishes:

  • Roasted Asparagus
  • Roasted Broccoli (Plus 4 Variations)
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts
  • Roasted Carrots (3 Ways)
  • Roasted Cauliflower (4 Ways)

Please let me understand how your roasted sweet potatoes end up in the remarks. For an enjoyable variation on roasted sweet potatoes, attempt my crispy baked sweet potato french fries. They’re the ideal treat!

roasted sweet potatoes with dipping sauce

Perfect Roasted Sugary Food Potatoes

  • Author: Cookie and Kate
  • Preparation Time: 10 minutes
  • Prepare Time: thirty minutes
  • Overall Time: 40 minutes
  • Yield: 4 portions
  • Classification: Side meal
  • Technique: Roasted
  • Food: American

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Roasted sweet potatoes are genuinely tasty, therefore simple to make! This healthy dish will become your brand-new preferred side meal. Dish yields 4 side portions.

Active Ingredients

  • 2 pounds sweet potatoes (3 to 4 medium sweet potatoes).
  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Optional: 1 teaspoon chili powder or newly ground black pepper, to taste.
  • 1/4 teaspoon great sea salt.


  1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and line a big, rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper for simple clean-up.
  2. Either scrub the sweet potatoes tidy and pat dry, or peel them (I typically peel mine). To slice, utilize a sharp chef’s knife to cut them into 1-inch thick rounds. Then, cut up each round to make 1-inch cubes. The “cubes” will not be completely even, however that’s ok.
  3. Location the sweet potatoes on the ready flat pan. Sprinkle the olive oil on top. If utilizing, spray the chili pepper or a number of twists of newly ground black pepper on top, followed by the salt. Toss till the sweet potatoes are all uniformly covered in oil, and organize them in a single layer.
  4. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes, tossing midway, till the sweet potatoes hurt and caramelizing at the edges. Serve while warm. Remaining sweet potatoes will keep in the fridge, covered, for about 4 days. Carefully reheat in the microwave or oven if preferred.


Easy dipping sauce concepts: For a treat, I’ll serve these roasted sweet potatoes with catsup, my faster way aioli, or spicy mayo (mayo blended with sriracha, gochujang or hot sauce, to taste).

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5 Dishes Including Roasted Sugary Food Potatoes

These roasted sweet potato tacos feature spicy black beans and avocado-pepita dip. Delicious! This taco recipe is vegetarian (easily vegan) and gluten-free.

1) Sugary Food Potato & Black Bean Tacos with Avocado-Pepita Dip

” This is my very first time ever leaving a dish evaluation however I simply made these for supper and they were incredibly tasty!!! I concur that the photos certainly do not do this meal justice. It was the very first time my other half has actually ever called anything I made “dining establishment quality”!!! I can’t wait to make these once again!” Lisa

Roasted sweet potatoes with green rice and black beans.

2) Spicy Sugary Food Potato and Green Rice Burrito Bowls

” I made this last night and it was fantastic! Fantastic mix of tastes. This will certainly be contributed to our routine rotation, and I make certain I’ll utilize the green rice in other dishes. Thank you!” Rebecca

Sweet potato burrito smothered with avocado salsa verde

3) Sugary Food Potato Burrito Smothered in Avocado Salsa Verde

” Well done, this made our familly dish book for future usage. Everybody enjoyed it.” Marc

This vegetarian tostadas recipe features roasted sweet potatoes and healthy "refried" black beans, served on a crisp salad. Gluten free and easily vegan!

4) Sugary Food Potato & Black Bean Tostadas

” I made this last night. It tastes like holiday! My other half, child and I enjoyed it !!! It’s so intriguing to integrate sweet potatoes and black beans. I will make this once again!” Pat

Mexican casserole recipe

5) Roasted Vegetable Enchilada Casserole

” Delicious, like a Mexican lasagna. The entire household enjoyed it!” Carol

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