Pumpkin Soup with Walnut Crispies

It’s rich, it’s gorgeous, it’s velvety Pumpkin Soup with Walnut Crispies! Made with an entire roasted pumpkin, garlic, cream, speckles of fresh herbs, and topped with the very best sweet/savory walnut crispies.

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If a rich, gorgeous, velvety and deeply tasty pumpkin something isn’t enhancing your table, did fall even take place? Does the Soup Series even count if you didn’t gradually stir through this velvety, abundant, golden little number?

Well, we’re here to ensure all seasonal guarantees are kept with this basic mellow star of a pumpkin soup.

It’s very simple, like, even with roasting a whole (small) pumpkin, simple. The soup is absolutely nothing except glamorous and the little walnut crispies therein, all sweet with a tip of spicy, provide * huge time * on texture and yum. Do you likewise wish to spray a little shredded gruyere on the top so you get periodic salted little cheese pulls throughout? Naturally you do, why are you even asking. Some fresh little thyme specks for color and taste? NOW YOU’RE TALKING.

Very Little Components, Big Taste

As you might or might not understand, we like a great fake-fancy around here and this soup certainly fits perfectly into that classification. The component list is really rather brief to make these huge fall tastes take place. Even the roasting procedure is fancy-looking, what with the 2 entire pumpkin halves roasting away with the garlic and herbs, however it’s simply a slice, scoop and slap on the pan circumstance. Then simply let those mellow, beautiful fall smells fill your cooking area.

However what you get after the roasting … mixing up that tasty pumpkin instilled with garlic and thyme together with a few of those caramelly-roasted garlic cloves and broth, and after that gradually integrating that with a touch of creaminess up until silky smooth is the things dreams are made from, pals.

Pumpkin soup in a bowl with walnut crispies and cheese on top. There's a yellow napkin on the side.

Yes, An Entire Roasted Pumpkin!

We truly do advise utilizing an entire little pumpkin here if you can because:

Roasting an entire gourd likewise simply seems like an extremely enjoyable fall activity, no? However if you are gourd-less and do not wish to pull one from your ornamental deck display screen, you might most likely utilize canned pumpkin however we have not evaluated it. It would need the entire shebang to be moved over to the stovetop and no in-pumpkin garlic roasting would be included which would truthfully be an unfortunate loss.

How To Make Pumpkin Soup From Scratch

We initially discovered this technique/ concept seeing an older Gordon Ramsay video on YouTube that has plenty of all sort of holiday-ish vibes. Gordon (can we call him Gordon?) utilized a much bigger, very joyful pumpkin, however we are v v in love with these cutie little sugar pumpkins that have to do with the size of a butternut squash (which might completely be utilized too if you wish to go that path with this soup). It roasts up in about 45 minutes, however this might differ depending upon the size of your pumpkin. Roast, mix, put together, consume. We like a simple roadmap.

  1. Cut the pumpkin in half, scoop the guts, and put on sheet pan.
  2. Cut garlic bulb in half, get rid of papery bits, and rub that all around the pumpkin initially. Then plop it right in the pumpkin halves with some thyme sprigs, sprinkle all of it with oil. Take a photo.
  3. Roast it up, then dig the flesh and puree together with a couple of cloves of the garlic and broth up until verrrrry smooth.
  4. Transfer pureed soup to your stovetop, include a little compromise, and season to taste.
  5. Take pleasure in permanently.

Now that that’s done, you can begin selecting garnishes. YOU UNDERSTAND WE LOVE TOPPINGS. Cheese, little thin apple bits, more herbs, crispy roasted kale chips, all of the above. And you will not regret for one small 2nd making yourself some toasted little walnut crispies for this. Simply, certainly do it, alright? Pledge?

Pumpkin soup in a bowl with walnut crispies.

Let’s Chat Walnut Crispies

We might compose a whole love letter to these walnut crispies. Like, they are extremely excellent. They are obtained from this pumpkin pasta of years previous and they simply required to be restored into the rotation. And they’re simply a fast toss on the pan while you’re currently roasting that cutie little pumpkin anyhow.

After the walnuts get all roasty and aromatic, you toss them around in a little brown sugar/cayenne buttery treatment right there on the pan, spray a little salt & pepper, and after that simply let them soak all that in, developing into the most splendid little wondercruncher there ever was.

Discreetly glancing through each velvety, velvety bite of soup with their tasty, hint-of-sweet, nutty crisp to cut the richness. Oof, walnut crispies, you truly do have our hearts.

Spoon scooping up pumpkin soup with walnut crispies.

However likewise, this soup. This intense gorgeous luxe bowl of fall, we ‘d wed it any day of the week.

Pumpkin Soup: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I utilize canned pumpkin?

A canned pumpkin variation of this soup hasn’t been evaluated in the Pinch of Yum cooking area yet. It might most likely work, however as a note, it would need the soup to be moved to the stovetop and you ‘d lose out on a few of the tasty roasty tastes.

Do you have extra topping concepts? I have a nut allergic reaction.

Fallen apart up bacon bits, pumpkin seeds, or some homemade croutons would all be terrific!

Can I freeze this soup?

Definitely! This soup freezes splendidly.

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Pumpkin soup with walnut crispies in a bowl.

Pumpkin Soup with Walnut Crispies

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It’s rich, it’s gorgeous, it’s velvety Pumpkin Soup with Walnut Crispies! Made with an entire roasted pumpkin, garlic, cream, speckles of fresh herbs, and topped with the very best sweet/savory walnut crispies.



Pumpkin Soup

Walnut Crispies


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Cut pumpkin or squash in half (side to side with a pumpkin, lengthwise with a squash). Dig the seeds and pulp from each half. Rating the surface area of the pumpkin or squash with a knife so all the tastes can act truly excellent when it’s roasting. Put on a sheet pan.
  2. Eliminate the majority of the papery things from the head of garlic. Halve (side to side). Rub garlic around the surface area of the pumpkin or squash. Tuck some thyme and the garlic into each cavity. Drizzle with olive oil and some salt. Roast for 45 minutes (basically depending upon the size of your pumpkin).
  3. On the other hand, blend the butter, brown sugar, salt, and pepper in a little bowl. When the oven timer goes off, include the walnuts to the pan and toast (with the squash) for another 8-10 minutes.
  4. Toss the toasted walnuts with the butter and brown sugar mix best on the sheet pan is great. Eliminate the herbs; scoop the flesh of the pumpkin or squash into a mixer, and include 3-4 of the roasted garlic cloves. Include about 1 cup of broth and puree up until really smooth (you might require to do this in batches, including more broth as you go to thin to your preferred consistency).
  5. Transfer pureed soup to a pan; season with salt, include compromise, and get used to nevertheless you like it.
  6. Serve that silky smooth, mellow, gorgeous soup topped with the brown sugar walnut crispies, grated Gruyere cheese, sliced apples, thyme, whatever you like. (I like all of it.)


Certainly pumpkins differ in size significantly. I utilized a little person called a sugar pumpkin that was equivalent in size with a typical butternut squash.

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