Red Chile Chicken Tacos with Creamy Corn

These Red Chile Chicken Tacos are constantly on our minds! Gently pan-fried corn tortillas packed with tender chicken and a pinto bean red chile saucy filling, stacks of velvety corn salsa, and appetizing homemade marinaded red onions. YUM!

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It’s been a bit because we have actually composed a love letter to tacos, though they are genuinely constantly on our minds. We truly will take them in nearly any variation however when they’re coming at us in warm, gently pan-fried yellow corn tortillas rupturing with a tender chicken and pinto bean red chile saucy experience, stacks of a fast velvety corn salsa … ish (can we call it salsa when mayo is included? most likely not), and tangy-crisp homemade marinaded red onions rounding it out?

Well my oh my, there’s a brand-new crush in the area.

Prefer To See Rather Of Check Out?

SOS-Level, Made Fancy

There are numerous scrumptious tastes happening with these chicken tacos, however the genuine emphasize is that you do not need to do quite work to achieve any of them. The taco filling specifically is so simple and quite darn fast due to the fact that all you’re doing is formulating some chicken thighs, tossing in a can of pinto beans, and after that opening a package of Frontera red chile enchilada sauce (overall favorite and name!) and letting that do all the work.

Boom. Bam. Gently spiced, smoky, tomatoey, saucy goodness all set to pack your tortillas so complete they overflow onto your hands.

Then you get to simply type of fancify things. You’ll blend a little corn circumstance with some significant elote vibes that is likewise so simple however will be extremely challenging to hold back on consuming up until taco assembly. Simply a taste to change the lime juice? Okay. Twenty more bites and oops it’s gone? It takes place. Fortunately, it’s simple to remake.

You’re going to make some fast pickled red onions due to the fact that truly you’re simply tossing some things in a container, offering it a shake, and after that, take a look at you, all set with the most scrumptious little taco topper ever! Next thing you understand, you have one gem of a taco occurring.

How To Make These Red Chile Chicken Tacos

Once again, quite fast and simple, which is how we like it. Let’s get each of the aspects together.

  1. The marinaded onions: Let’s pickle, bb! Jam your red onion pieces into a container and include your vinegar, water, salt, and sugar. Shake, refrigerator, donezo.
  2. The saucy filling: Formulate the chicken thighs in a frying pan up until prepared through. Then, shred/cut it up and include that package of red chile enchilada sauce and pinto beans. Simmer, thicken, donezo.
  3. The velvety corn: Mix all the scrumptious bits together in a little bowl. Taste, change, donezo.
  4. The best taco: We like to gently pan fry the tortillas for included deliciousness and have your sliced fresh cilantro ready. Things, top, donezo!

That’s it! See?! Now you remain in taco company, which is the very best company there is.

White hand holding chicken tacos on a plate

What Makes These SO GOOD

The red chile chicken side of this taco company is especially effective. It’s simply all so great. Smoky, velvety, fresh, briney-bitey-crunch. What an outright dream.

You might most likely experiment with the filling a little because that enchilada sauce is bringing all the significant tastes, however we enjoy the juiciness of chicken thighs and the creaminess of pinto beans. However mess around if something fits you much better. Flour tortillas work too, naturally, however we enjoy the included taste of the corn ones to match the smokiness of the filling and the richness of the topping.

That velvety corn topping is such a reward because you’re getting the fresh sweet crunch texture of like a roasted corn salsa however with your cheese/sour cream-type dairy requires all blended in. And you simply can’t fail with marinaded red onions. Ever. Genuinely a taco’s buddy.

And the basic ease of everything brings this one all the method to the top of our Weeknight Yums list. Examining every ding dang box.

Chicken tacos on a plate with creamy corn

We simply kinda wish to consume them all the time, you understand? Taco Tuesday rolls into Taco Wednesday and likewise Taco Thursday and whoooops, how did we get to Taco Friday, well here we are at the weekend, so let’s simply keep going.

Red Chile Chicken Tacos: Regularly Asked Concerns

Could I utilize the sluggish cooker or Instantaneous Pot for the chicken?

Yes! See sluggish cooker and Instantaneous Pot guidelines listed below in the dish notes.

Can I utilize chicken breasts rather of chicken thighs?

Chicken breasts will work, however if you can discover them, chicken thighs truly are best here for the inflammation.

Could I make these vegetarian with simply beans?

Love that concept! Yes, you can make these veg-friendly by leaving out the chicken and included an additional can of pinto beans as required.

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Red chile chicken tacos on a plate

Red Chile Chicken Tacos with Creamy Corn

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These Red Chile Chicken Tacos are constantly on our minds! Gently pan-fried corn tortillas packed with tender chicken and a pinto bean red chile saucy filling, stacks of velvety corn salsa, and appetizing homemade marinaded red onions. YUM!

Active Ingredients


Red Chile Chicken Tacos

Creamy Corn

Pickled Onions



  1. For the marinaded onions: Transfer red onion pieces to a container. Fill the container half to three-fourths of the method with red white wine vinegar and the rest of the method with water. Include your salt and sugar. Shake a couple of times and embeded in the refrigerator while you make whatever else.
  2. For the chicken: Heat a frying pan over medium-high heat. Include olive oil. Include the chicken and season with salt and pepper. Sauté for 7-10 minutes, or up until prepared through. Get rid of from the heat and shred or cut into smaller sized pieces. Include chicken pieces back to the pan with the sauce and the beans. Simmer carefully up until sauce has actually thickened and it looks all set to be taco filling.
  3. For the corn: Mix all active ingredients in a little bowl. Taste and change.
  4. For the tacos: Fill tortillas with the chicken mix. Leading with the velvety corn and marinaded red onions. Complete with cilantro. Mwah.


Instantaneous Pot Recommendations: Include the chicken thighs, salt, pepper, and enchilada sauce straight to the Instantaneous Pot. Prepare on high pressure for 10 minutes. Launch the pressure, shred the chicken straight in the pot, and stir in the canned pinto beans. Prepare the other pickled onions and velvety corn according to dish guidelines.

Slow Cooker Recommendations: Include the chicken thighs, salt, pepper, and enchilada sauce straight to the sluggish cooker. Prepare on high for 2-3 hours or cook on low for 4-5 hours. Shred the chicken straight in the sluggish cooker and stir in the canned pinto beans and cook up until warmed through. Prepare the marinaded onions and velvety corn according to dish guidelines.

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