Roasted Carrots with Honey and Garlic Yogurt Sauce

These charms require to be on your table! Deeply roasted rainbow carrots, swizzles of tasty garlicky yogurt sauce, a golden drizzle of honey, and joyful pistachio crunches on top.

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Deeply roasted, smoky peppered rainbow carrots. Swizzles of tasty garlicky yogurt sauce. A subtle and sweet golden drizzle of honey and joyful little pistachio crunches, possibly a pop of intense fresh cilantro. Is this the most lovely, tasty brand-new veg to grace your vacation table scape this year? [*tips hat* ] Ah yes, do not mind if we do.

These are not soft or extremely sweet mushy carrots we may keep in mind from vacations past. These are bite-tender roasty, warmly-spiced carrots. They will make an outright knockout side this year or, truthfully, you might accumulate your plate with simply these and call it a (holi-) day.

There can be a great deal of buttery richness at the vacations since, hi, that is their task, however this is such a brilliant, tasty, smoky addition to not just cut through however actually, actually stick out. And an actually enjoyable and joyful and unique take on the entire savory-sweet veggie thing that’s not simply putting toasted marshmallow on top which, let’s be sincere, actually simply end up sweet-sweet (and no shade here, that definitely has its time and location!).

Basic However SO GOOD

Our favorite sort of dish cruising in here. You understand it, you enjoy it … that’s right, it’s kinda phony fancy! This dish is so easy to throw up however when you plate it up and set it out, it’s all star-eyes and shoulder bops since it looks SO BEAUTIFUL. The taste likewise feels extremely deep and complicated with its warm cumin and smoky paprika, which inexpressible goodness that originates from just merely roasting a veggie. Like, how is it so great?

The spoonfuls of garlicky Greek yogurt sauce are likewise a genuine win. Not just is the tanginess so best with the previously mentioned warm-smoky, however it’s so charming on top of those rainbow carrots. (Yep yep, routine carrots work wonderfully here too, however if you can discover the rainbow ones, they’re a genuine eye-catcher.)

The honey swizzle on the top simply actually makes it pop and we enjoy crunch on crunch and texture surprises, so some sliced pistachios will NOT let you down. If they’re not your jam, possibly slivered almonds or another sliced nut of your option. The sliced cilantro brings all its freshness and green however if you’re an anti-cilantro individual (so sorry for your loss), some fresh sliced parsley would be terrific.

Roasted carrots on a sheet pan.

What You Required For Roasted Carrot Goodness

Like we stated keeping it quite easy here for a brief active ingredient list that provides big-time on taste. Each little active ingredient takes its task extremely seriously and for that, we are so happy. So get your olive oil and let’s put together the rest:

Roasted carrots on a plate with yogurt sauce and honey.

How To Make These Astounding Roasted Carrots

After a bit of peeling/chopping, the procedure could not be simpler. Which will feel so terrific when you’re attempting to time/balance/manage all the mashing and blending and resting and sculpting.

  1. Carrots. Toss your peeled carrots (we likewise often slice them in half length-wise) on a sheet pan and toss them in olive oil and your spice mix. Roast for about 20 minutes. A+ for a little charred edges yesssssss.
  2. Sauce. Blend together the yogurt, olive oil, minced garlic and salt + pepp.
  3. Drizzle and serve. Once the carrots are roasted, spoon and drizzle the yogurt sauce all over, offer it a fast swish of honey, spray with some sliced pistachios and fresh cilantro. Prepare for some yums.

That’s it, put her on the table and let her wow.

Roasted carrots on a plate with yogurt sauce, honey, toppings, and a fork.

How To Serve These Roasted Carrots

Genuinely, this might be the runaway star side meal of Christmas 2021. The carrots have such a distinct and welcoming taste that feels so unique amongst our other normal vacation favorites. They’re lighter and veg-forward while still feeling deeply relaxing and in some way abundant. Some lovely intense gems tucked up versus your turkey, your mashed potatoes, your stack of sage stuffing.

And as soon as the vacations have actually passed, this seems like a dish to come out once again and once again. Possibly you sheetpan-meal it up with some chicken and other root veggies. Possibly you double whatever and make an entire meal of these lovely roasty gems with a hunk of warm crusty bread. Will you wish to put this easy sauce on whatever? Most likely!

So thank you, roasted carrots, for your inexpressible goodness. Thank you garlic and Greek yogurt for your bite and tang. Thank you warm spices and crispy nuts and sweet golden honey. What a present you have actually all provided us.

Roasted Carrots: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I utilize routine carrots?

Yes! If you can’t discover rainbow carrots, routine orange carrots will do. However if you can discover these vibrant gems, they actually are something to take a look at on the table.

Any other nut I can utilize?

Slivered almonds would be actually great!

Can I sub another herb for cilantro?

Sure! Attempt newly sliced parsley on top.

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Roasted carrots on a pan with a fork.

Roasted Carrots with Honey and Garlic Yogurt Sauce

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These charms require to be on your table! Deeply roasted rainbow carrots, swizzles of tasty garlicky yogurt sauce, a golden drizzle of honey, and joyful pistachio crunches on top.

Active Ingredients


Roasted Carrots:

Yogurt sauce:

Extra Toppings:


  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Spread out the carrots out onto a big baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil. Integrate the spices, salt, and pepper in a little meal and spray over the carrots. Carefully toss the carrots in the oil and spices. Roast for 20 minutes till tender and the edges are a little charred.


These charms require to be on your table! Deeply roasted rainbow carrots, swizzles of tasty garlicky yogurt sauce, a golden drizzle of honey, and joyful pistachio crunches on top.

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