Frying Pan Chicken with Bacon and Gewurztraminer Sauce

Hey there crispy, saucy, scrumptious frying pan chicken with bacon and gewurztraminer sauce!

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You men, I have actually got to be sincere with you. I have actually had some ups and downs with chicken over the last years fine fine all right fine, possibly it’s been mainly downs. However fortunately today is that things are lastly taking a perfectly crispy turn upwards. Cheers and applause! Possibly I simulate chicken after all (read: bacon, gewurztraminer, shallots)?

This frying pan chicken dish is my brand-new IT dish — beginning with the truth that it’s made completely in one pan with little bite-sized pieces of salted bacon and sweet caramelized shallots, and ending with the truth that it’s going to have that golden, crispy chicken skin after the chicken is pan-fried a bit prior to taking a good oven-bath in the gewurztraminer pan sauce.

And will there be warm, crusty bread dipped in the gewurztraminer pan sauce in between bites of chicken? Yes.

That is all, completion, goodnight.

Skillet Chicken with Bacon and White Wine Sauce.

Onions in a skillet.

In addition to feeling this chicken dish once again for supper tonight, I’m likewise feeling the remaining mountain energy hanging on to me today. AND I LIKE.

Bjork and I simply returned home late last night from our 5 field trip to Park City, Utah. Yes that’s right YOUUUUTAH! We took a child trip (er, wait, no. not that type of child. I implied like a small trip, like a brief one, simply, like, ugh. Calm down, Mother.) which suggests we’re checking out Utah for the extremely very first time, and I need to be sincere: we’re handling these mountain ski runs like the have not- skiied-in-ten-years skiiers that we are.

Which suggests one green after the other.

I need to state, someplace in between my bangs-and-braces days in Ski Club and my present state of doing little to no exercise including more than.01 ounces of adrenaline, I should have forgotten that snowboarding is in fact truly enjoyable. For a while there (late 90’s?), I had an id and I attempted to sell the snowboarding ambiance for the ” cool” snowboarder thing. APPRECIATION AND HALLELUJAH that that stage never ever went anywhere beyond my wannabe hard 14-year-old self, due to the fact that now it’s 2015, and snowboarding is most certainly baaaaaack in the enjoyable, cool individual winter season sports classification where it belongs, and, I indicate, simply take a look at me. Snowboarding is not in my blood.

White Wine Sauce in a skillet.
Skillet Chicken with Bacon and White Wine Sauce.

Most likely the single worst thing for me about travelling is the Feared Unpacking. We got back at about midnight last night, I got the fundamentals, and after that planted my complete luggage on the living-room flooring where it will most likely stay up until the next time I welcome individuals over to my home in 800 weeks.

Although there may be a luggage on my living-room flooring, there will be THIS CHICKEN in my oven tonight and I’m not unfortunate about it.

If unloading is my worst journey thing, then my finest journey thing is returning to cooking my own food in my own kitchen area after a week of exaggerating it on the extremely scrumptious and motivating dining establishment food. I’m going to the supermarket today and it seems like Christmas.

This chicken, though! It’s company-worthy however it’s simple enough for a weeknight. It’s lovely and one-pot simple.

Have the bread close at hand, pass the salad around, keep the glasses complete, and take pleasure in the yummiest frying pan chicken with bacon and gewurztraminer sauce.

Skillet Chicken with Bacon and White Wine Sauce.

Take A Look At Our Video For How To Make Frying Pan Chicken:

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Skillet Chicken with Bacon and White Wine Sauce in a pan.

Frying Pan Chicken with Bacon and Gewurztraminer Sauce

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Frying Pan Chicken with Bacon and Gewurztraminer Sauce this easy crowd-pleasing dish goes completely with warm bread and a green salad!

Active Ingredients


  1. BACON: Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Heat a big ovenproof Dutch oven or cast iron frying pan over medium high heat. Cut the bacon into little pieces and fry for 5-6 minutes, stirring periodically. Get rid of from the pan with a slotted spoon and reserved, leaving the hot bacon grease in the pan (decline the heat while prepping the chicken).
  2. CHICKEN: Mix the flour with salt and pepper and the herbes de provence. Dig up each piece of chicken in the flour mix and transfer to the hot pan. Pan-fry the chicken for a couple of minutes on each side, up until golden brown (however not prepared through). Get rid of the chicken from the pan and reserve on plate.
  3. SHALLOTS: Include the shallots to the pan with the olive oil. Saute for 5-10 minutes, up until softened and aromatic and golden brown. Include the red wine gradually, stirring to get all the browned bits from the bottom of the pan. Include the chicken stock and let whatever cook up until it minimizes a little, about 5-10 minutes.
  4. BAKE: Include the chicken and bacon back to the pan and bake for 40 minutes, stopping ever 10 or 15 minutes to baste the chicken with the pan sauce. Get rid of from oven when the chicken skin is crispy and the chicken is totally prepared. Skim the oil off the top of the sauce if you desire (see notes) and serve with bread to soak everything up.


** I chose the chicken thighs in this dish due to the fact that of the crispy skin and the taste and texture of the meat. Bjork chose the variation I made with boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Either can work! The chicken thighs will render more fat, so if you do utilize chicken thighs, it’s not a bad concept to skim the oil off the top of the pan sauce after baking.

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Skillet Chicken with Bacon and White Wine Sauce - a simple one-pot crowd-pleasing chicken recipe that goes perfectly with warm bread and a green salad!

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