Appetizer Recipes

Cinnamon Sugar Mini Donuts

this dish Summertime’s practically here (9 days, to be specific however not like instructors are counting or anything). Summertime’s arrival advises me that the State Fair is practically here. Which indicates that my severe cooking experience of deep fried sweet bars, pronto puppies, fresh juicy peaches (to balance out all the fried food), Sugary food … Read more

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Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

Cereal Pancakes– Tiny Mini Pancakes!

Pancakes, however make it MINI! These incredibly charming small pancakes are the prettiest quarantine breakfast you’ll ever make and consume! I enjoy all mini things, particularly small food like these cereal pancakes. I have actually had a thing for mini pancakes for a while (see these mini strawberry shortcake cuties), so when I began seeing … Read more

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Savory Breakfast

Grilled Mini Peppers with Spiced Walnut & Lentil Crumble

Grilled Mini Peppers with Spiced Walnut & Lentil Crumble Grilled mini peppers with spiced walnut and lentil fall apart are a pantry-friendly, incredibly basic, protein-packed vegan main dish. My father offered me a couple of pepper plants at the start of the growing season a couple of months back. We constantly grow a choice of … Read more

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