Appetizer Recipes

Deep Meal Chocolate Chip Cookie with Caramel and Sea Salt

this dish Bjork has one single specialized when it pertains to cooking, and its name is Ze Big Cookie. And yes, you do need to state ze. Bjork’s guidelines. It’s cookie dough (certainly not homemade) (wait. I’m discussing HIS variation, not THIS variation. remain please.) pushed into a big circle on a cookie sheet and … Read more

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Grain-Free Chocolate Sea Salt Granola Hunks

Grain-Free Chocolate Sea Salt Granola Hunks These grain-free and vegan chocolate sea salt granola hunks resemble little bites of paradise. Perfect to get as a treat or to separate and spray over some yogurt. I seem like it’s 2012 and I’m sea salting whatever nowadays, however I simply needed to go with it in this … Read more

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Savory Breakfast

Hot Cocoa with Coconut, Cardamom & Sea Salt

Hot Cocoa with Coconut, Cardamom & Sea Salt Completely comfortable with a bit of spice and sweet taste: hot cocoa with coconut, cardamom & sea salt is a scrumptious afternoon pick-me-up. So I think beverage posts are back! Thank you a lot for your kind and motivating feedback on my Golden Serene Latte post. I … Read more

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Salad and Soup Recipes

Maple Sea Salt Latte

Maple Sea Salt Latte The maple sea salt latte is a scrumptious method to begin your day. Espresso is sweetened with pure maple syrup and complemented with lathered non-dairy milk and a spray of sea salt. I am extremely delighted for a prospective snow storm this weekend! Snowy and sluggish weekends are among my preferred … Read more

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