Appetizer Recipes

Champorado {Chocolate Coconut Sticky Rice}

Today I was discovering something. Our fruit bowl is complete, and think what it has lots of? Not mangoes, since I wed a mango monster who discovers a method to consume 3782 mangoes every day. It has lots of apples and oranges. WHAT ?! Who am I today? I am residing in a paradise of … Read more

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Chinese Sticky Rice (糯米雞/ Lo Mai Gai)

Shiny sticky rice studded with Chinese sausage, tender pieces of chicken, and umami-rich mushrooms, this Chinese sticky rice, aka lo mai gai, is the ideal stick-to-your ribs sort of meal. It’s been getting cold! Suddenly it got truly cold. So cold that we can see our breath in the air and needed to pull our … Read more

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Salad and Soup Recipes

Sticky Ginger Tempeh with Coconut Rice

Sticky Ginger Tempeh with Coconut Rice Sticky ginger tempeh with coconut rice is an extremely flavourful and simple vegan supper. The tempeh is meaty and sets well with the coconut rice. In spite of this post about sticky ginger tempeh today, I am actually picky about tempeh in basic. I understand that it benefits me … Read more

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