Thai Yellow Curry with Beef and Potatoes

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I am 120% sure that this is what my food dreams are made from. >

Like many dishes in my life, this one begins and ends with the sauce. That silky abundant, aromatic, warming Thai yellow curry sauce with tips of coconut sweet taste, flecks of green cilantro, fragile little strings of fresh ginger, punchy turmeric-yellow color, and a good kick of Thai chile heat. It’s simply hardly thick adequate to be like a velvety curry gravy however still saucy adequate to make its method and around every grain of rice. Perrrrfection.

So simply provide me a 2nd to capture my breath.

Now, the real curry, right? Think of that marvelous Thai yellow curry sauce blanketing comforting-ly soft bites of Yukon gold potatoes, very finely sliced and sautéed shallots, and tender pieces of slow-simmered beef. And wait wait wait however. It’s all stacked over a bowl of fluffy, aromatic, steaming Jasmine rice. Food dreams total.

I would much like to explain that in some way, when I was sidetracked by the Thai yellow curry sauce, pieces of beef (as in b-e-e-f, like red meat, like the things I never ever seldom prepare or consume) snuck into my food dreams. What in the what?

Superweird, however no time at all to question it. MORE CURRY NOW// MORE CURRY NOW// MORE CURRY NOW.

Thai Yellow Curry with Beef and Potatoes in a dutch oven.

I’ll simply begin by stating I do not usually prepare dishes that include an unique journey to an unique supermarket or need more than 20 minutes of preparation. You understand that about me.

However I made this dish for an unique event recently: my recently begun supper club with good friends! And here’s the important things about this Thai yellow curry dish: it’s 100% from scratch.


And now, a close up shot of the curry paste due to the fact that I’m a food blog writer.

Thai Yellow Curry in a jar with a spoon.
Thai Yellow Curry sauce.
Pot of boiling sauce over a stove top.

Exhibition A: the image above programs what one hour of cooking time appears like. Coconut milk, beef, pan, one hour, go.

I really made and photographed another entire dish throughout the time that my beef was simply simmering away and getting all fantastic because buttery coconut milk.

And all the multi-taskers rejoiced!

Thai Yellow Curry with Beef and Potatoes in a white bowl with a fork.

You people, I can’t even inform you just how much enjoyable I had making this for my good friends, however truly, simply making it for me.

The majority of my life focuses on food that fasts and simple and I’m constantly constantly constantly searching for faster ways or methods to conserve time. So to have a time when I stated hello, appearance, I’m going to commit 5 hundred days to this even if I enjoy cooking brand-new things and due to the fact that this is a life experience and due to the fact that curry in some way runs in my Minnesota veins — was abnormally healing for me.

Honestly? I do not anticipate most readers to ever make this. It’s not useful. I absolutely get that and I nearly seemed like possibly I should not publish the dish due to the fact that it’s such a monster.

BUT. If you enjoy curry. If you enjoy cooking. If you enjoy viewing something be developed from absolutely nothing. And if you can discover a couple of hours occasionally throughout a couple of days to get this all assembled, you and I must most likely talk.

And by talk, I imply consume loading bowls of made-from-scratch Thai yellow curry together. ♡

I want the very best of the very best of the curry worlds upon you, sweet readers! Go forth and enjoy this treasure of a dish.

Thai Yellow Curry with Beef and Potatoes in a bowl.

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Thai Yellow Curry with Beef and Potatoes in bowls.

Thai Yellow Curry with Beef and Potatoes

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Thai Yellow Curry with Beef and Potatoes made from scratch! Perfect velvety home cooking with big taste and a kick of spice.


For the yellow curry paste

For the curry


  1. CURRY PASTE (one hour): Heat a cast-iron pan over medium high heat. Wrap the garlic and shallots in foil (with their paper on) and put on the frying pan for 25 minutes, turning as soon as half method through. Get rid of from heat and cool, and approximately slice. Reserve. Layer the ginger and galangal in a single layer and cover with foil. Location in the frying pan and heat for about 10 minutes turning as soon as midway through. Location garlic, shallots, ginger, galangal, and all other active ingredients for the curry paste in a mixer or food mill. Pulse till mainly smooth. Usage water from the chiles to assist the mix gone through the mixer as required. This will make a bit more than 2 cups set 3/4 cup aside for this dish and freeze or cool the rest for later on.
  2. BEEF (one hour): Heat the light coconut milk in a deep pot. Include the beef and simmer for 45 minutes. Include 1 cup water and simmer another 15-20 minutes. Reserve; do not drain.
  3. CURRY (one hour): Heat the coconut cream in a deep pot till bubbling and beginning to thicken a bit. Include about 3/4 cup curry paste and simmer for 5 minutes. Include the potatoes, shallots, beef, and 1/2 cup of the reserved coconut milk from action 2. Stir in 3 cups water. Simmer for 30-45 minutes till potatoes hurt. Include the sugar, fish sauce, cilantro. Serve over jasmine rice.


* These active ingredients will most likely need a journey to an Asian supermarket. It deserves it if you wish to do it right! I would recommend purchasing 2-3x what you require in case you wish to make it once again.

As composed, I would rank this as moderate++.

As composed, the dish is precisely how I made it for my good friends. However it felt a little oily, so when I made it the 2nd time I selected coconut milk rather of coconut cream. The outcomes were truly great besides that it was really really really hot. I would consider it medium+ if not directly hot. So if you’re going to sub coconut milk for coconut cream, lower the quantity of curry paste to 1/2 cup or less (you can constantly include more later on if you desire).

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PS. I’m expecting concerns about utilizing shop purchased yellow curry paste, due to the fact that I questioned the very same thing myself. Truthfully, I do not keep in mind the last time (if ever) that I have actually utilized shop purchased yellow curry paste so it’s truly tough to me to state if that might be utilized in this dish with comparable outcomes. I believe it could? however I make no pledges. Please leave a remark if you attempt it with the shop purchased paste so others understand how to finest change the dish.

Thai Yellow Curry with Beef and Potatoes - made from scratch! so creamy and fragrant - perfect comfort food.

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