The Very Best Avocado Egg Salad

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The truth that I am even consuming any variation of an Egg Salad today is an indication that these are odd and disconcerting times. I do not understand what’s entered into me I get a yearning for Egg Salad roughly when every 5 to 8 years, so even without the newish addition of avocado, this was currently type of a huge offer.

However then I went and utilized mashed avocado for the base rather of mayo.

Not since I do not like mayo I in fact do like mayo and I can deal with the judgement. More since I felt a little peer pressure from Instagram and a few of my preferred blog sites who have actually preceded me with this dish. The avocado-egg power combination appears to be on every crevice of the web. Poached egg and avocado toast definitely. I exist, throughout the day every day. However avocado egg salad? That’s going to need more of a dive from me. I required to consider it for a couple of years initially.

How To Make Our Avocado Egg Salad:

Avocado Egg Salad on a bagel.

Today I stand here to inform you that I have actually taken that dive I have actually leveled up my avocado-egg-power-combo video game to consist of Avocado Egg Salad and my oh my. IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT. It silky-smooth, creamy-dreamy scrumptious.

I require (REQUIREMENT) zip in all the foods in my life, so I went wayyy heavy on the lemon juice, and I likewise got a little aggressive with the dill addition since dill tastes like the very best parts of summer season to me. Both really strong choices. #humblebrag

All in all, I wound up with an egg salad scenario that is really next level. Really not-egg-salady, for those of you who resemble me and believe you do not like egg salad.

Avocado Egg Salad in a bowl with a wooden spoon.
Avocado Egg Salad in a bowl with a spoon.

Let’s briefly examine the whatever bagel scenario, if we may.

A whatever bagel is rather perhaps among the most best-tasting, under-acknowledged, stunning food developments of my life time. The important things about whatever bagels is that you forget they exist. Nobody has whatever bagels on their routine grocery list. However everybody enjoys whatever bagels. They opt for whatever. They ARE whatever.

In this case, the combination of salted, crispy, oniony bagel with the moderate and velvety avocado egg salad has actually constructed the structure of my summer season lunches. It is beyond great, and it’s generally health on a bun since eggs and avocado.

Avocado Egg Salad in a bagel.

My objective for this summer season is to make truly great dishes. That sounds apparent, and it is. However in my mind, I’m seeing these summer season dishes as dishes I ‘d feel incredibly, incredibly strong advising to you as weekly warm-weather meal staples.

This is among those dishes. ❤

Avocado, eggs, dill if you desire (YOU DO WANT), lemon juice, salt … and a Whatever Bagel. The world is your oyster.

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Avocado Egg Salad on an everything bagel.

The Very Best Avocado Egg Salad

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Avocado Egg Salad no mayo here! simply avocados, eggs, herbs, lemon juice, and salt. Specifically great on a whatever bagel. Simply stating.



  1. Difficult boil the eggs. Cover the eggs with water in a pan. Give a boil, turn heat off, cover and rest (on hot burner) for 8-10 minutes. Run under cold water and break off the shells. Cut the eggs into little pieces.
  2. Mash the avocados. Mash the avocados in a bowl with the back of a big wood spoon till mainly smooth.
  3. Mix and serve. Mix the eggs with the avocados, herbs, lemon juice, salt, and olive oil if you require it. Serve instantly at space temperature level, or chill and serve cold.


I ENJOY LOVE LOVE this avocado egg salad on a whatever bagel. It’s simply dreamy.

Taste and change as you go I like my own with a bit more of a bite so I go heavy on the lemon juice and dill.

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