The Very Best Migas

Migas eggs rushed with crispy tortillas, garlic, jalapeño, and melted cheese served with black beans and avocado. Quick, simple, therefore DELICIOUS. Breakfast, lunch, supper, or breakfast!


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Real significance of life? I discovered it right in the middle of that bowl of crispy tortilla strips with sautéed garlic and jalapeño and slow-cooked eggs all cuddled in with a handful of melted cheese.

This is LIFE and LOVE to the greatest degree. This is migas.

Migas is what I’m consuming all the time EVERY DAY and I understand I normally get all drama on you about this things in regards to just how much I’m truly consumed with a dish or the number of times I have actually made it, however genuinely out of the last 6 meals in my life, 5 of them have actually been loading bowls of this rushed egg and crispy tortilla goodness referred to as migas.

In This Post: Whatever To Learn About Migas

Migas in a bowl with a fork.

How This Migas Dish Happened

Here’s the amusing feature of migas I have actually never ever had the genuine thing. I understand I UNDERSTAND, scams alert code red, however hang with me pleezzzz due to the fact that I understand, despite the credibility aspect, that these are SO superdelicious and worth producing your next breakfast (or breakfast or lunch or supper). Due to the fact that migas: throughout the day every day.

I didn’t in fact consume the genuine migas myself, however Bjork went to Austin with buddies a couple of weeks ago which appears to be the Migas Capital of the U.S. You understand when you attempt to get buddies who aren’t that thrilled about food to discuss food with you and it begins to feel all CSI-obsessive-interrogation after a while? This is me speaking with Bjork about Austin and migas. In a casual passing minute, he discussed that migas tacos were his preferred meal from the journey and I entirely struck. There was a barrage of concerns what did they taste like? what remained in them? meat or no meat? sauce or no sauce? potatoes ?! truly? what was their texture? why did you like them? which was SUPER effective as you a think of originating from somebody who does not comprehend the long-lasting fascination with food.

However everything exercised. I cross-referenced the couple of bits and pieces of info that I got with the dishes I discovered online, and after that I simply went all out.

Clueless? Yes.

Starving and all set to create my own migas method? Larger yes.

Migas: Regularly Asked Concerns

Can I utilize tortilla chips rather of frying my own tortillas?

Definitely! Invite to our preferred migas faster way.

Could I include meat to this?

Yep! Would extremely suggested browning up some chorizo to contribute to this deliciousness.

What’s the distinction in between migas and chilaquiles?

Comparable tastes and active ingredients, various approach! Chilaquiles include fried tortillas simmered in a sauce, which is more of a salsa.

Can I utilize flour tortillas rather of corn tortillas?

One reader provided flour tortillas a shot and stated it succeeded! So we state go all out.

How could I make vegan migas?

Avoid the cheese, utilize olive oil rather of butter, and make the eggs a tofu scramble rather. Or utilize our sofritas dish in location of the eggs.

Tortillas for Migas in a pan.

So What IS Migas?

Migas can imply something various anywhere you discover yourself. A fast journey around the globe:

Being that these Migas were born from a journey to Austin, these fall under the Tex-Mex classification.

Onions and peppers.

Active Ingredients In Migas

We’re securely in the Tex-Mex classification, so that indicates these migas include:

The very first time I made these migas was … ummm how need to I state this … forgettable. The tortillas got entirely mushy and I included mushrooms (SO SORRY) that made the entire thing really odd and we attempted to put them in tacos and it simply wasn’t anything remarkable.

However the 2nd time around? BOMB.COM.

I followed Sunny Anderson’s migas dish technique where you in fact fry your own tortillas initially to make them extremely crispy and tasty (do not stress this resembles a 5 minute undertaking) and after that you simply keep layering things into the pan, which, in my migas life consists of: garlic. jalapeño. eggs. cheese. cilantro.

You serve that remarkable meal up with some refried black beans, avocado, more cheese, or yes, perhaps in a taco? and I’m informing you: SIGNIFICANCE. OF. LIFE.

I’m making this once again for breakfast with buddies on Saturday and I am currently starving for it.

Migas. All the time every day.

Migas ingredients in a pan.

How To Serve Migas

You have actually got 2 choices here:

In either case, you will end up being a huge supporter of all things migas.

Migas ingredients in a pan with a wooden spoon and an avocado.

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Migas in a bowl with avocado and refried black beans.

The Very Best Migas

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Migas eggs rushed with crispy tortillas, garlic, jalapeño, and melted cheese served with black beans and avocado. Quick, simple, therefore DELICIOUS. Breakfast, lunch, supper, or breakfast!

Active Ingredients



  1. Heat the oil and butter in a big frying pan over medium heat. Include the tortillas and fry, stirring regularly, up until really browned and crispy (see image).
  2. Refuse the heat and let things cool off a bit. Include the jalapeño and garlic. After a minute or 2, include the eggs about 1/4 cup at a time, pressing the eggs around carefully in the pan after each addition up until all eggs have actually been included and all the eggs are nearly all totally prepared however not rather. Season with salt.
  3. Eliminate from heat (the eggs will complete cooking off the heat) and stir in the cheese and cilantro. Serve with all the typical suspects. Black beans, avocado, salsa, cheese, salt, pepper, or hot sauce.

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