The Very Best Soft Granola Bars

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Aww, hello group! Peanut-butter-honey-loaded soft granola bar for you?

We reunite this time throughout oceans where I’m composing this from our sweet lil hotel space in Cebu City, Philippines where the cooling is pumping and mini-fridge is serving me up some ice cold mango juice and the CNN channel on our little television is keeping me all approximately date with the SuperTuesday happenings as I compose a fast post for the web. INNOVATION, GUY. It’s quite incredible that we can make this entire food-blog-song-and-dance gig work from anywhere.

So let’s get a BEST EVER soft granola bar and have a little treat and capture up.


Granola bars on parchment paper.

Very first things initially these granola bars.

They are really really extremely simple. They are simply the best quantity of crispy and salty-sweet. And possibly most significantly, they are soft and they in fact stick and they are scrumptious to consume.

It’s Larabar simpleness fulfills Sunbelt soft texture fulfills KIND bar crunchiness.

Likewise, due to the fact that the components are so really fundamental, you can include or alter them as required. I’m thinking that you have most whatever in your home today: peanut butter, honey, pretzels, oats, and peanuts.

Take it and keep up it, buddies. Take it and RUN.

Creamy peanut butter with a spoon.
Granola bars on parchment paper cut with a knife.

Okay, so beyond granola bars.

We remain in the Philippines! WE REMAIN IN THE PHILIPPINES.

Our 10 days here are dual-purpose: to re-visit the city we resided in and orphanage that we operated at for a year, and to deal with some media jobs (read: photos and video) for the orphanage. I have something huge in the operate in this orphanage-meets-blog-meets-impact department, and today I’m simply sort of simmering on it. It’s making me 95% thrilled and 95% anxious. Simply … I hope you’ll inspect back. Will you inspect back?

Things have actually been going so well that in some cases I forget that I have a blog site. Which is excellent. It’s a beverage of typical water to not be so taken in with the blog site and web world, even if that suggests that the majority of my day is invested having a massive absolutely no quantity of access to wifi and none of my tried snaps ever go through. I can deal. It resembles a tech detox.

On the really favorable side of things up until now, the kids at the shelter are 100% CHARMING OVERLOAD status, the jobs we are dealing with are difficult and enjoyable, annnnnd we consumed this entire batch of granola bars throughout the 2 days previously, 2 days throughout, and 2 days after our long trek to this side of the world.

Exhibition A.

Woman holding a bag of granola bars on an airplane.

On the really unfavorable side, there’s simply that a person little aspect of > earthquakes. They terrify me like absolutely nothing else ever therefore, naturally, clearly, there needed to be a little earthquake here in Cebu the other day. Needed to. Could not have actually occurred in the other 350 days of the year. And likewise, naturally, we are on the 8th flooring of our hotel. Clearly. Needed to be. And to state I am absolutely gone nuts about all of this would be a significant understatement. I am currently a little tense about life in basic, so having actually experienced some earthquakage the other day does not assist a mind like mine.

To contribute to the anxious energy developing up there in my mind, I am actually sitting here in the hotel space seeing breaking news on CNN about the 8.1 earthquake in Indonesia and the resulting tsunami cautions and do not stress I’m not even worrying at all. (This is a lie. I am totally panicking. Indonesia is essentially our next door next-door neighbor today. Complete panic.)

GOOD FRIENDS! What is this?! How? How do individuals reside in locations with earthquakes? Like, how does one a) endure the tension of psychologically needing to constantly be gotten ready for an earthquake at any given minute, and b) find out a method to store as numerous soft granola bars as possible in case of such emergency situation?

I’m joking, because ha-ha-serious method. Please recommend on earthquakes right away.

Granola bars on parchment paper.

When its all stated and done (significance when I more than likely die from an earthquake in the next hour or 2), feel in one’s bones this -> these are the very best soft granola bars I have actually ever made and they are bomb in taste and texture. It deserves it for me to utilize my last ever article to inform you this essential and life-altering details.

These soft granola bars take barely any time to preparation and they will fill your refrigerator/ freezer/ tummy with wholesome soft granola bar joy.

Is that not the very best Wednesday news a starving lady could request?

Food blog writer life objective: total.

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Granola bar being held by hand.

The Very Best Soft Granola Bars

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The Very Best Soft Granola Bars dish made with PB, honey, vanilla, oats, pretzels, peanuts (and any other add-ins you like). So simple and SUPER delicious!

Active Ingredients


  1. Toss the oats, crushed pretzels, and salted peanut halves together in a big bowl.
  2. Stir the peanut butter, honey, and vanilla together in a different bowl till smooth and velvety. Put the mix over the dry components in the other bowl. Stir till integrated.
  3. Press the bar mix into a 9 × 9 inch pan lined with parchment paper (9 × 13 will work it will simply yield broader, flatter bars). Freeze for thirty minutes. Take out of the pan and cut into bars. Shop bars separately covered in the freezer for fast grab-and-go treats.


After you blend whatever together, it’s sort of approximately you to make a judgement call about how you desire your granola bars to be. A couple of alternatives 1) pulse half of the mix through a food mill to alter the texture a bit. Stir it back in with the remainder of the mix. This simply assists it to have more fascinating texture that holds together much better. 2) Include more peanut butter or honey if things appear to dry or crumbly. 3) Include more oats or pretzels if the mix appears too heavy. 4) Mix in anything else you desire! The is simply the base include dried fruit, chocolate chips, more nuts, seeds, whatever you like.

I utilized Jif Creamy Natural Peanut Butter, so you might require various quantities depending upon the kind of peanut butter you utilize. Often natural peanut butter is less sweet, less salted, and/or more oily, so simply keep that in mind.

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Nutrition is for 16 bars.

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