The Ultimate Wild Rice Burgers

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Wild Rice in hamburger type!

That is what we are bringing today for the last post in our Feeding a Broken Heart series.

And it’s completely proper that this is a post for Wild Rice Burgers, due to the fact that a) wild rice hamburgers are other-worldly tasty:


Wild Rice Burgers.

and b) due to the fact that our buddies welcomed us over a couple of nights earlier and provided the Minnesota good-friend-good-neighbor vibes by making us yes, you understand it wild rice hamburgers.

The hamburger dish originates from a dining establishment in Duluth that I believe almost every Minnesotan understands and likes. The Duluth Grill? Do you understand it? The Duluth Grill concentrates on what I would refer to as restaurant food with a hipster feel for a prime example, WILD RICE HAMBURGERS. If you are questioning if this location has actually ever been on the traditional Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, then you have the ideal concept. (And yes, it has actually been.) This dining establishment crams in great deals of vegetarian meals, practically whatever made from scratch, and no pretenses.

So the only thing I can consider that would be much better than consuming a wild rice hamburger from the Duluth Grill is consuming a wild rice hamburger in the convenience of your good friends’ home where they ask you thoughtful concerns and offer you time and area to speak about this tough season of your life. Frank and Emma, you are incredible. ♡

Wild Rice Burgers on a tray.

When it concerns how to serve these crispy-chewy patties up, you have actually got a couple of options. If you wish to stroll down the carb-on-carb roadway, the wild rice hamburgers can certainly go on a bun. Or bread. The initial variation of this hamburger at the Duluth Grill is in fact provided on straight bread, patty-melt design.

Personally, I choose the hamburger to base on its own, and I normally melt a piece of cheese on the top and leading it with an olive-oil-arugula-avocado-hot-sauce combination. Should you include an egg for a breakfast circumstance? Possibly. Is it a hamburger salad? Possibly. Is it doing not have a lil polish? Possibly.

However more significantly, is it an ideal 10 for your starving mouth? Yes.

Wild Rice Burger on a plate with a fork.

After we lost Afton, I actually didn’t understand how I was going to get back into this. Blogging, I indicate. Discussing dishes.

To be able to take my work and make it suit my existing frame of mind of sorrow and love has actually been beyond recovery for me. And I owe that to you.

Thank you for not just supporting this little series however full-blown taking part in it with us. All of us like to dislike on the web often, however dang. There are a great deal of good ideas about the web, and seeing you men engage with this series in honor of food, love and our child Afton has actually been among them.

Wild Rice Burger on a plate with a fork and avocado.

Now go make a wild rice hamburger and feel genuine great about it.

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Wild Rice Burgers on serving platter.

The Ultimate Wild Rice Burgers

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These are THE supreme wild rice hamburgers and I may even state the very best vegetarian hamburgers I have actually ever had. The dish originates from the Duluth Grill Cookbook.



  1. Mix all active ingredients.
  2. Utilizing a 1-cup measuring cup, scoop up rice mix and type into patties. If the mix is too damp, simply include another 1/2 cup of panko or pop it in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes to assist it stick.
  3. Heat a bit of oil over medium high heat. Include the patties and pan fry till perfectly browned on both sides.
  4. Leading with pieces of Muenster cheese. Serve on a bun (or not!) with barbecue sauce, hot sauce, magic green sauce, ALL THE SAUCE. Likewise arugula, avocado, and beyond. You have actually only simply started.


I discovered that 1 1/2 cups raw wild rice had to do with the correct amount to yield 5 cups prepared wild rice.

This was served to us with a side of roasted cauliflower which was simply overall excellence. They fit magnificently.

To get your cheese great and ooey-gooey, include it to the hamburgers for the last couple of minutes of pan frying and cover with a cover.

To make ahead or present to somebody, simply freeze the hamburgers on a sheet pan till separately frozen strong and after that shop together in a freezer bag.

Worth keeping in mind that I have actually attempted decreasing the mayo however it never ever ends up as great. I do, nevertheless, include more mushrooms and as long as the ratios of all the other active ingredients are as-written, it comes out fantastic.

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