Thick and Fudgy Double Chocolate Cookies

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I suggest, we’re talking, like, THICK. and FUDGY. A chocolate fan’s paradise.

These cookies are my chocolate dreams becoming a reality right in front of my face. They ended up entirely various than what I believed they were going to be, which is simply foregone conclusion when you put, uhh, myself in the kitchen area with “imaginative license” to have fun with dishes. The bright side > despite the fact that they weren’t rather what I was anticipating, they ended up even much better than I was believing they would. Thick, soft, like a brownie, chocolate cake, and a huge soft cookie all in one.

Often stops working are simply wins in camouflage. Slash chocolate is not a stop working, ever.

Chocolate cookie dough in a mixing bowl.

This weekend we invested a long time with household and extended household out on a little Minnesota farm, commemorating Easter and doing things like the Developed Kids’ Easter Egg Hunt. It was an Easter-rific blast. And the enjoyable will not stop today marks one week till my birthday! So yay. That’s kinda enjoyable.

And as you may have thought from me simply discussing it, I may be among those individuals who has a birthday week. Okay, fine: it’s a birthday month.

This year is additional unique it’s going to be my golden birthday. Sparkly glossy gold glittery birthday. What do grownups provide for their golden birthdays? Do their partners privately prepare extended trips including sun, sand, and poolside nachos with additional guac? Or are they woken up by an infant pug on their birthday early morning? Or are they amazed by a renovated attic turned dreamy master suite? Bjork, I’m so fired up to see what you’re formulating. Wink wink tip tip mwah.

Double Chocolate Cookies stacked on each other on a drying rack.

Keep in mind love languages? Well, not like remember them like they’re gone, they’re certainly still around and individuals are still providing and getting love in the manner in which finest fits them. I understand. However keep in mind how there were all these various love languages, like quality time, physical touch, and acts of service? I am the individual whose love language is presents. No, like, PROVIDES. May too slap the Product Lady identify right on my forehead since that’s kinda what it seems like to state that my love language is gifting.

However, simply consider it. Ornaments. Fashion jewelry. Music. Flowers. Books. Thick and Fudgy Double Chocolate Cookies. I feel the love huge time when I get and offer presents and I wish to take you to the dark side with me. All the beautiful things. Sparkllllles.

Double Chocolate Cookies on a drying rack.

Mentioning dark + presents, I needed to present these Thick and Fudge Double Chocolate Cookies to our good friends who are anticipating an infant right away after making them. The transfer from the cooling rack to the container was simply a blur I could not even let myself consider it. Do not believe simply do do do do. It you keep these around your home: Threat Zooone. Not if you’re pregnant (additional cals, doh), however if you’re a routine individual attempting to not enter into Double Chocolate Cookie coma in one minute flat, you may require to present these. They are sly you’ll reverse and 5 cookies will be missing out on. And you’ll be the only one standing in the kitchen area. And, wait a 2nd …

I question if I’ll ever discover a dessert I like more than a huge, soft, newly baked, chocolate chip packed cookie.


Double Chocolate Cookies on a drying rack.

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A picture of Thick and Fudgy Double Chocolate Cookies

Thick and Fudgy Double Chocolate Cookies

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These Thick and Fudgy Double Chocolate Cookies are abundant, decadent, and ideal with a glass of cold milk. I’ll take 50, please!



  1. Prepping the Butter: Melt 1/2 cup butter in the microwave for 30-45 seconds or till entirely melted. Transfer to the fridge or freezer and cool till strong, about thirty minutes. Leave the other 1/2 cup butter out on the counter to bring it to space temperature level. If the butter is rock strong (typically from the freezer) I stick it back in the microwave for 10 seconds to get it practical once again. See notes for more details.
  2. Dough Part One: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. With an electrical mixer (I typically simply utilize a hand-held one), cream the melted/solid butter, space temperature level butter, sugar, and vanilla till velvety and fluffy. Include the eggs and blend till simply included.
  3. Dough Sequel: In a different bowl, integrate the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt. Include the flour mix to the velvety butter mix and mix till included, including the coffee slowly as you go. The dough ought to be thick and sticky, however dry sufficient to touch with your hands without making a big mess. If it’s still too sticky, include more flour. Stir in the chocolate chips.
  4. Baking: Roll the dough into even balls (I got about 20 out of the entire batch) and put on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake for 8 minutes and move to a cooling rack right now. They will be underdone and very puffy, that makes them completely soft, thick, and fudgy when cooled.


The butter melting and cooling is something I constantly provide for my cookies (see Tips for Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies) and I would highly suggest that you take the additional time to do that part, despite the fact that, I understand, it’s bothersome, you simply desire the cookies today. I get it. However if you do not melt and cool the butter as directed, I can’t ensure that the cookies will end up properly due to the fact that it impacts the quantity of flour required and eventually the density and fudginess of the cookie.

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