Tips for Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

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I have actually made these Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies a minimum of 20 times now. Not overemphasizing.

I initially made these when we remained in the Philippines, when it was a battle to simply keep butter strong for 2 seconds on the counter, and they were definitely amazing. I had no concept how or why, however they simply WORKED. And they blew my mind in the method just an ideal chocolate chip cookie truly can.

However then every when in a while, they didn’t work. I’m not constantly incredibly specific with my baking, however still. They were not thick and chewy and buttery like the best cookie must be. A few of your remarks stated the exact same things the majority of the time they worked, however in some cases they didn’t. And I do not like that.

Chocolate chip cookies on a baking pan.

Now I’m back house in dry, cool Minnesota and I have actually been waiting on this day so I might determine what would truly make these cookies incredible for you. You who reside in regular environments and store at Cub Foods. I am now speaking your cookie-baking language.

Given that I are accountable for bringing some deals with up the cabin for my huge household and I had a reason to make extreme quantities of cookies, I made these. Often times. To get to the bottom of this cookie excellence.

So here are my semi-scientific however mainly experimental routine house cook pointers for best chocolate chip cookies that appear like this on the within.

Here are my simple tips for perfect chocolate chip cookies with an easy recipe for my all-time favorite, classic, perfect chocolate chip cookie. |

Usage Salted Butter.

Butter. Butter butter butter, butter. Butter. Yum. Whether I’m baking or sauteing or consuming the butter directly off the stick, I constantly pick great quality salted sweet cream butter. And I think by great quality I imply the supermarket spending plan brand name. Since, well, yum. It tastes truly great, so that’s what I utilize.

Butter on a wooden surface.

Melt The Butter About Half Method The Oven.

For me, for this blog site, for these ultra-thick cookies, we melt the butter HALF method or less. So actually I heat up the stick of butter up until approximately half of it is melted. This offers me the most success with a cookie that is both soft and structured. And guess where I melt my butter? Well, I informed you currently. In the pre-heating oven. It goes gradually and it keeps the majority of the stick company while simply carefully melting off the external layer, unlike melting in the microwave where the entire thing gets kinda soaked. Attempt to melt half or less my objective is normally about one 3rd and it normally takes simply 3-5 minutes. Set a timer, please! Anymore than that will begin to make the cookies flat (and you can take a look at my last photo of my stopped working cookies for evidence).

Melted butter in a clear mixing bowl.

Bring The Butter Back To Space Temperature Level.

It’s nearly like a soft strong once again. I in some cases stick it in the refrigerator or freezer to assist accelerate the procedure however then I let it rest on the counter for a couple of minutes to come back to space temperature level prior to really making the dough.

I UNDERSTAND, I UNDERSTAND, I understand this is irritating. Since you simply wish to make cookies today. Think me, I understand. However hot melted butter simply does not work the exact same method as the cooled, soft-solid space temperature level butter. Beeee paaatient.

Simply Hardly Beat The Egg.

Simply a little whipping in with the sugar and butter will suffice. Excessive whipping makes the cookie more stiff, and I like ’em soft.

Include Flour Up Until The Dough Pulls Away.

When in doubt, include a little flour to the dough, specifically if the butter was melted. I constantly pass feel more than by measurement, since in some cases the quantity of flour in a dish (my OWN dish) does not appear right for a specific batch. This is what I constantly try to find > the dough to retreat from the sides of the bowl. Simply a little.

When you’re utilizing those electrical mixers and blending all your flour in with your dough, if the dough is simply stuck all over the sides of the bowl and feels damp, include a spoonful of flour. And once again, and once again, up until your dough is soft and dry to the touch and pulls into a big dough ball at the center of the bowl when you’re blending it.

Cookie dough in a clear mixing bowl.

I likewise discover that when I get simply the correct amount of flour in the dough, it makes sort of a fragile sticky sound when I stir it. Annnd you can submit that under the world’s most odd baking pointers.

Usage 2 Type Of Chocolate Chips.

A minimum of 2, potentially 10. I enjoy texture, so having at least 2 types or 2 shapes of chocolate in my cookie is a must. My favorites are Nestle semisweet chocolate portions, Hershey’s milk chocolate chips, and Guittard dark chocolate chips. The a little various tastes of the chocolate and the different sizes and shapes of the chips produce a more intriguing (ehmm, more chocolatey) cookie.

Bake In Smaller Sized Batches.

This is a strange one, however I constantly have much better luck getting that awesomely thick and buttery cookie when I make half of my preferred dish. Go figure. I consisted of the measurements for the “half” dish at the end of this post.

Refrigerate The Dough.

This is an often idea. For the dish in this post, I discovered that I in fact truly didn’t require to cool the dough as long as I had adequate flour, however in some cases you bake the very first batch and you get spread-flat-cookie-city. Because case, attempt refrigerating or freezing the dough up until it’s more company to assist it remain together much better.

Utilize a Calphalon Cookie Sheet.

I do not have a baking stone or any other expensive baking sheets, simply a couple of low-cost Target discovers that in some cases do the pop-bend while baking. So this isn’t a set guideline this is simply the cookie sheet out of my really fundamental cookie sheet collection that appears to work finest the most typically. It’s non-stick, dark, and little.

Make ’em BIG.

Hi, I’m an insane cookie girl and I imply truly huge. Like potentially 1/4 cup of cookie dough huge. If whatever goes like it should, the more dough you can pack into that dough ball, the thicker and more irresistibly magnificent they will be.

Forming Your Cookies By Hand.

I have actually spooned dough without shaping, I have actually utilized an unique cookie dough scoop to get the rounded top, and yet the important things that works finest for me is forming them by hand. Like, actually, rolling them in between my palms to get an ideal round ball.

Tactically Location Your Chocolate Chips.

In some cases I put lots and lots of chocolate chips in the dough, however then the tops of my cookies simply look plain white. Mehhh. We desire chunky, chocolatey cookies here. So I take a couple of chocolate chips from the dough bowl deliberately push a couple of additional into the leading to make it look additional chocolate chippy.

Chocolate chip cookies on a white plate.

Try To Find Hardly Browned Areas.

For this dish, I constantly try to find those really a little browned areas on top. That’s how I understand they’re done.

Chocolate chip cookies on a baking pan.

Cross Your Fingers.

Science shmience. For a routine baker like myself, in some cases baking simply seems like a bit of dumb luck. There are numerous aspects that can make a cookie excellent or not so excellent. Even if your cookies didn’t end up juuust how you desired them, I wager your dough still tastes quite darn great, ideal? Get a spoon and a glass of milk and take pleasure in.

Another thing prior to the dish! I wished to reveal you my 3 stopped working batches throughout screening, and the important things that I believe made them end up the manner in which they did.

Three different types of chocolate chip cookies.

And here’s my 2 of my great batches and what I believe made them end up they way they did.

Two chocolate chip cookies.

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perfect chocolate chip cookies

Half-Batch Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Here are my basic pointers for best chocolate chip cookies with a simple dish for my all-time preferred, timeless, best chocolate chip cookie.



  1. Turn the oven on to 350 degrees. Put the butter in the oven in a stainless-steel or glass bowl as it’s pre-heating up until about one 3rd to one half of the butter is melted. Do not melt over half of the butter. Turn the oven off. Let the butter return to space temperature level for a minimum of thirty minutes it does not need to solidify entirely however it must be a soft strong.
  2. Include the sugar and vanilla. Cream with electrical mixers up until well blended and gently fluffy. Include the eggs and beat up until included.
  3. Procedure in the flour, baking soda, and salt. You can do this in a different bowl, however I normally simply discard all of it into the blending bowl. Gradually combine with the electrical mixer on low speed, scraping the sides, up until all the flour is included. If the dough adheres to the sides of the bowl and looks damp, include one tablespoon of additional flour at a time up until the dough feels dry and sticks in one big ball. Excessive flour will make the cookie stiff, so stop including flour right when the dough begins to handle that dry look. Stir in the chocolate chips with a wood spoon.
  4. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Roll 1/4 cup dough into high, round balls with chocolate chips at the top. Put on a flat pan a couple of inches apart and bake for about 9 minutes. You wish to take them out when they are puffy and simply a little bit brown on the tops and edges. Let represent a couple of minutes they will lose a little of their puffiness however they ought to remain thick and hold together well.

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Nope refrained from doing yet! Since when I asked, these smarties (and more!) shared their pointers with my on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!


You people! I am so ecstatic to become aware of your excellent auntie’s secret idea for utilizing cornstarch, or how your grandmother utilizes pudding mix, or how you purchase a particular brand name of butter and just utilize your own milled flour, or whatever else you do to make your cookies incredible. If you have anything to include, I would looove you.

To cookies!

Update May 2015: I have actually just recently published a brand-new variation of this dish that still gets the soft texture WITHOUT needing any high upkeep butter melting/cooling. Here’s the brand-new dish!

Here are my simple tips for perfect chocolate chip cookies with an easy recipe for my all-time favorite, classic, perfect chocolate chip cookie.

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